First Generation

Nothing Comes Before Good Skin!

Reward : Daikon Seeds

Maybe I've just been working too hard, but lately my skin's been really drying up. I know somethin' that would be great -- can you get it for me?
She wants a Honey. You can find one in Trieste Forest near the 2nd save point.

Monster Money!

Reward : Baked Rice Ball

I could make bundles if I got my hands on one of these. Help me out!
She wants a PANTHER CLAW. Drop from Shadow Panther in Blessia Island (Night).

Something's Wrong with My Kimono

There's something wrong with my favorite kimono! Help!!!
She asks for a WHITE GRASS. Forage one from Padova Mountain.

Reward : Fried Eggs

Scaling the Phantom Sand Dunes

Reward : An accessory, Hachimaki, and 100 pieces of wood

"There's a special item I need. Without it , I won't be able to get over the sand dunes!"
After you accept the request, you can find a SHADE STONE just lying in Messhina Valley.

I'm Having Trouble with Someone

Reward: -1000 G, and a surprise gift.

"Somebody really pushy has been following me around lately and it's gettin' to be a problem. Can you give me a hand?"
She needs a whopping 1000 G for her plan.

More Monster Money!

Reward : Apple Pie

"OK, well, this time it's a fish, not a monster I need. Anyway, stop 'round here first."
Yue wants a Char. You can fish it in Blessia Island.

Yue's Original Goods

Reward : 500 G

"I'm thinking' of making something totally original that will really make me stand out. Wanna help me out?"
Yue needs your help to gather some grasses for her original goods. After accepting the quest, you can find BLUE GRASS, YELLOW GRASS, and RED GRASS just lying around in Blessia Island if you haven't already gotten them.

Yue's Original Goods (Continued)

Reward : Miso Eggplant

Help Me Find Something!

Reward: An acessory, Critical Ring

I Have Something to Tell You

Reward : Yue Swap Ticket

Second Generation

I Got Something Good

Reward : a page for spell book Medication : Missing Page 1

Again, I Got Something Good

Reward : a page for spell book Life drain : Missing Page 1

Once Again, I Got Something Good

Reward : a page for spell book Shine : Missing Page 1