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Your lovable child. Full of curiosity and endlessly playful, but also sweet, just like his parents.


The child of the protagonist, and a bachelor or bachelorette in Rune Factory 4. The male child's name is Noel, and the female child's name is Luna. You can go on adventures your child and take on challenging dungeons as a family with your spouse and child. Mom and Dad can also comfort Luna or Noel when they're babies, or have fun talking with them once they grow up, but you can only have one child in the game. Hashimoto has confirmed that there will be more events and dialog with your child, including a scene at your child's birthday.

You are able to choose your child's gender or leave it up to fate. Once the child is born, you will see several short scenes regarding you and your spouse raising them before the game skips ahead five years.

Unlocking the Child

At least 19 in game days after the wedding, the player's spouse will talk to them about having a child. Should the player say that they are not ready, the player's spouse will ask again at least 7 days later. Should the player say that they are ready, then it will take at least another 14 days for the pregnancy to happen. The pregnancy lasts at least 20 days, and after the child is born there will be a 5 year timeskip.


Favorite: Heart Pendant, Aquamarine Ring, Emerald Ring, Sapphire Ring, Diamond Ring, Ruby Ring, Happy Ring (Luna)

Favorite: Strider Boots (Noel)

Likes: Fried Rice, Doria, French Fries, Croquettes, Omelet Rice, curry dishes, Pizza

Hates: Salad, Pickled Turnips, Vegetable Juice, Vegetable Smoothie


  • Just like Lest and Frey, both children will have the same dialouge.
  • Luna has the same swimsuit and pajamas as Xiao Pai and Amber, with color being the only difference.


  • Luna: "Um... Papa, Mama, these are for you!"
  • Noel: "Oh, look, look, it's an airship!"


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