Yokmir Forest
Level 2
Yokmir Forest is a location in Rune Factory 4.

Confirm Monsters: Orc, Orc Archer, Ant, Beetle Be careful not to get tackled by a wild Beetle.

Confirm obtainable items: Iron, green Grass, Blue Grass, Amethyst, Emerald, Indigo Grass,

Monsters of Yokmir Forest: High Orc, Orc Hunter, Killer Ant, Hornet, Silver Wold, Leaf Ball, Rider Orc, Ant </poem>

Floor 1

Yokmir cave 1
Area Monsters Items Chests Notes
A - Emerald Ore, Rune Crystal X2 Recovery Potion, Rice Porrige, 3630G -Save Point- North Room blocked until Yellow Switch is turned on.
B Orc Hunter 1x, High Orc 1x - - -
C Field Gate, Orc Hunter - - -
D Field Gate, Orc Hunter - - -
E Indigo Grass, Green Grass Stairs go to Floor 2 A2
F - Indigo Grass, Purple Grass X2 Antidote Potion, X2 Paragone Yellow Switch

Floor 2

Yokmir cave 2
Area Monsters Items Chests Notes
A1 - - Onigiri, Salmon Onigiri Stairs down goes to Floor 1 F, Stairs up goes to Floor 3 C1
A2 - Silver Ore, Rune Crystal -

-Save Point-

Stairs go down to Floor 1 E

B1 Field Gate, Killer Ant X2 Boxes - -
B2 Killer Ant Emerald Ore
C1 - - - -
C2 Field Gate, Ant, Hornet - Para-Gone, Recovery Potion, Cotton Cloth -
C3 Hornet - - -
D1 Field Gate, Killer Ant, High Orc, Hornet - - -
D2 Killer Ant, Hornet - - -
D3 Field Gate, Hornet - - There's an Orange Tree you can pick Oranges from.
D4 Field Gate, Orc Hunter, Killer Ant, Ant - Sonic Wind -

Floor 3

Yokmir cave 3
Area Monsters Items Chests Notes
A1 Field Gate, Orc Hunter, High Orc, Silver Wolf - Dash Slash
A2 Leaf Ball, Silver Wolf Bonze Ore -
A3 Killer Ant, High Orc, Silver Wolf X1 Box -
A4 Field Gate, High Orc, Killer Ant Iron Ore, Bronze Ore, Amethyst, Emerald Ore - Goes to Yokmir Forest 7
B1 Silver Wolf, Wolf Rider - X4 Yam Seeds -
C1 - X2 Boxes - Stairs down goes to Floor 2 A1
C2 Leaf Ball, High Orc - - -
D1 Field Gate, Leaf Ball Amethyst Ore - Right Room blocked until yellow switched hit
D2 Leaf Ball, Hornet, Orc Hunter Rune Crystal - -
D3 Field Gate, Silver Wolf Aquamarine Ore - -
D4 Leaf Ball, Silver Wolf - X3 Bronze, X1 Silver -
E1 - - - Stairs down goes to Floor 2 C1
E2 Leaf Ball, Orc Hunter - Staff, Bronze Bracelet Have a villager in your party and talk to the rock to access Purple Switch
E3 Field Gate, Killer Ant, Silver Wolf - - -
F1 High Orc, Orc Hunter, Silver Wolf - - Red Switch