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'''{{PAGENAME}}''' (, ''a'') is a [[:Category:Monsters|monster]] in the ''Rune Factory'' series. 
==''[[Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon]]''==
==''[[Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon]]''==
==''[[Rune Factory: Frontier]]''==
==''[[Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon]]''==
==''[[Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny]]''==
==''[[Rune Factory 4]]''==
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{{Infobox Character
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'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a --- in ''[[Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon]]''. 
===Second Generation===
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General Rules

  • The prospective is in-game. It should not be "the player then" or "you then" but rather "the protagonist then" or, if there is only one protagonist (like in 1, 2, 3, or Frontier) the player should be referred to by name, as in Kyle, Raguna, Micah and so on. 
  • There should be almost no links to outside websites on pages. Though this wiki only lists the voice actors, this wiki will NOT link to a page on a different website about the character. same with any links to wikipedia. It is fine to link to another website as a source for information, though. 

Each character page should start with like this:
Character (Kana, roumaji) is a bachelor/bachelorette/character in Rune Factory (Linked)

  • If the character has what their name was intended to be on official sources (Like the website or guide book) then that should be written instead of the roumaji.

Character Pages

Template:Infobox Character


  • Every Game

This section is for the full name of the character. A few Rune Factory characters don't use their full names throughout the game. For example Shino from Rune Factory 3 tells Micah that her full name is Shinonome instead of just Shino and members of the De Sainte-Coquille family should have their full name also. 


  • Every Game

For images of the character. 


For the short ingame description of the character. NOTE! This is not for a short description the character, it's for the short in-game descriptions usually found in the relationship's page in the menu.


  • Every Game

The character's birthday. It's fall, not autumn.

  • Fall 8
  • Summer 2

Birthday Gift

  • Rune Factory 2

For the character's birthday. Note! This should only be included with Rune Factory 2 characters.


  • Every Game

The character's BLOOD relations or if the character has been specifically said to be adopted by the other character. Though characters may be as close as family (Pia with Shino and Sakuya) this does NOT mean that they are related. 

Favourite Date Location

  • Rune Factory 3

This only applies to the bachelorettes of Rune Factory 3. The location they suggest when you ask them to go with you.

Proposal Item

  • Rune Factory 2

Only applies to Rune Factory 2 bachelorettes, as they all have special marriage items.


  • Rune Factory Frontier

Only applies to Rune Factory: Frontier bachelorettes.

Rival Marriage

  • Rune Factory 2

Only applies to Rune Factory 2 first generation characters. Who the character will marry if Kyle doesn't. 

Rival Marriage Date

  • Rune Factory 2

The date that the rival couple will marry if Kyle doesn't marry the bachelorette. 

Liked Cologne

  • Rune Factory 3

Only applies to Rune Factory 3. The cologne that the person responds to. 

Wife Lunches

  • Every Game

The lunch the protagonist's spouse gives him once they're married. 


  • Every Game

Other games the character has appeared in. 

Voice Actor

  • Every Game

The character's english voice actor. 


  • Every Game

A character's Japanese voice actor. Their name should be in English name order.


Any character that accepts gifts will have this section. It should use the template gift. It should include what kind of gift it is (Like/love/hate/favourite) which will usually be written in blue in their response to the gift. Under this should be what their response to this gift is. If there is blue writing, the template blue should be used. If the dialogue mentions the gift, then it should be replaced with five underscores. In the gifts section of the template, it should show what gifts are reacted to the same way with commas between the items.

  • Note: Absolutely do NOT add general item names, such as sweets, hats, ect. because it makes it unclear and difficult to tell what has actually been tested.

If the game has a completed items list, a list of items can be replaced with their type if they have the same reaction and type. They may only be added if the section is 100% complete. Please do not add generic words like cake, dessert, sweets, or anything similar.

Can be traded with just

It should go

  • Tabs Template
  • Info needed (if applicable)
  • Very brief introduction (Character (キャラクター, Kyarakutā) is a [bachelor/bachelorette/character] in Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • History
  • Relationships
  • Gifts
  • Requests
  • Events
  • Battle
  • Schedule
  • Spoken Quotes
  • Trivia
  • References
  • Navigation Template


Please note that this isn't a place to put similarities to other characters (in any game or book or tv shows) unless it is an actual in game reference. The voice actor or Seiyū should NOT go in the trivia section. Or anything that relates to them.

  • Categories are used for navigation through related pages.
  • Please do not create categories without permission.
  • The only category that goes through games is De Sainte Coquille.
  • There should NOT be a category for species.
  • Each character can have three categories
    • Bachelor/Bachelorettes (RFX)
    • Characters (RFX)
    • De Saint Coquille (If they are a member of that family)

Each character page should have a dialogue page and a request page. They should have different sections in the following order:

  • Greeting (Usually saying "hello" and a comment about the weather)
  • By Date (Dialogue from days before festival and festivals)
  • General
  • Item Responce
  • Dungeon Responce

The template used should be Template:RF4Open, Template:Single, and Template:RF4Dialog

Monster Pages

{{PAGENAME}} is a [[:Category:Monsters|monster]] in the ''Rune Factory'' series. ==''[[Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon]]''== ==''[[Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon]]''== ==''[[Rune Factory: Frontier]]''== ==''[[Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon]]''== ==''[[Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny]]''== ==''[[Rune Factory 4]]''== {{Navigation}}