Verde Island

Verde island is the first monster-inhabited island, or the first Island in general, that the protagonist of RF:ToD can visit.

It is found in the center of the Fenith Sea near Fenith Island.


As the first Island the golem Ymir raises in the game, Verde Island unsurprisingly holds the weakest monsters and serves more as a tutorial island. It's layout is fairly simple, with hills, outcroppings, and trees surrounding the land. A large obelisk stands proudly at the highest point, and it is here were you first meet the Goblin Pirates.

On the Island


  • Wooly
  • Goblin
  • Buffamoo
  • Spring Flower

Mini Boss

  • The Goblin Pirate Crew: The swashbuckling raiders of the sea, well, they are more incompetent than they are a crew. They prefer to horde attack, hoping to overwhelm the player with their larger numbers. A pair of Dual Blades or a Longsword comes handy in these situations, eh? Note- Once fought, they cannot be re-battled.


  • Monster Drops such as Cloths, Hides, Wool, Proofs of Warrior and Knife Pieces.
  • Leather Belts found in Chests.
  • Your Very First Weapon, found in a nice chest after you land- A Spear, Broadsword, Zweinhander, Cheap Hammer, Fire Rod, Katana or Rusty Axe are available.
  • The Sea Map- Vital to traverse the Fenith Sea.


As the "Genesis" to your island hopping adventures, Verde Island is truly vital to the story line since it gives you the map which you use to guide your way through the large and dangerous sea. Your first weapon (given that you did not purchase one from Daedalus beforehand) is also found here, with the one of lowest tier weapons from the entire arsenal. The Goblin Pirates, which play a later role in the Elemental Shrines, are also introduced.

Other than that, it's lower level monsters give new players a chance to dust off and level up.

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