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Birthday Spring 4th
Appearances RF4
Seiyū Satomi Akesaka
Voice Actor Wendee Lee

Ventuswill (セルザウィード Seruzauiido) is one of the Native Dragon of Rune Factory 4. One of the four dragons of Norad, she is the protector of Selphia and will never leave the town. She stands guard to protect the townspeople and to insure that the runes in the land don't dry out. Her safety is as much a priority for the people of Norad as their safety is for her.

In the past she used to have a dragon priest, and a more casual relationship with the people around her, but she's long ago abandoned such things. She now hides the softer side of her personality and act formal and commanding before others. The only exception she makes is for the protagonist, who she slipped up in front of in her surprise of having him/her land on her in the beginning of the story. She actually prefers being called Venti, but the only person who knows that is Lest/Frey, who caught her with her guard down, and those who knew her back before she felt the need to put her guard up.

Despite likening herself to a god, Venti has the least imposing or knowledgeable image of the four Native Dragons. She easily mistakes the protagonist (regardless of gender) for a member of royalty named Arthur, despite having a close relationship with the royal family, and she will hastily relocate the blame for when she turns out to be wrong. This is the beginning of a long relationship between herself and the protagonist, in which the two exchange friendly bickering.

More than anything else, Venti doesn't want to be alone. But she's lost numerous friends in the past, and is no longer comfortable opening to others, since she might lose them as well.

Once you have completed the third act of the story and obtained a ranking of 2500, she can be recruited to go into dungeons with you.


Favorite Gifts: gold vegetables, Pancakes

Likes: Honey, Mushroom, vegetables

Dislikes: monster drops from dragons, skill seals, Wind Dragon Fang


  • I am Ventuswill, the divine wind!
Level Health Attack
75 98000 3300
Defence Magic Attack Magic Defence
1400 3000 1400
Strength Vitality Intelligence
3300 2800 3000
Default Weapon
Weapon Type


  • Ondorus can mention Ventuswill in Rune Factory 3. In that conversation, he said that Vestuswill is one of the grand dragons and the guardian dragon of Norad.


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