The owner of the Sunshine Inn. Warm and gentle like the name of his Inn.
Birthday Spring 22
Family Rita (Wife)
Eunice (Daughter)
Seiyū Yasuhiko Kawazu
Voice Actor Dave Wittenberg

Turner (ターナー, Turner) is a character in Rune Factory: Frontier.

He is the owner of the Sunshine Inn, and is Eunice's father and Rita's husband. He's generally a cheerful and friendly person, and is often used for comic relief. During the Rowing Contest, if you don't have a significant other, Turner will attempt to ride with you as your sweetheart instead (much to Raguna's dismay).


Favorite Gift: Amazing Swimsuit

Likes: Iron, Silver, Gold, Bamboo shoot

Dislikes: Junk ore, Scrap Iron


Normal Schedule
Monday-Friday and Rainy Days
6am - 6pm Sunshine Inn
6pm - 3am Snowstyle Tavern
3am - 6am Sunshine Inn
6am - 3pm Sunshine Inn
3pm - 4pm Laga Springs
4pm - 6pm St. Poli Church
6pm - 3am Snowstyle Tavern
3am - 6am Sunshine Inn



  • If you give him wine during any day, he will have a hangover the next day.

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