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Trampoli is the main village into Rune Factory: Frontier. As a playable location, «Trampoli is a much smaller place and can barely be called a village. Lots of people come here from Kardia. It's not immediately close to Kardia, but at a reasonable travel distance.» (World of Rune Factory : Playable Locations)

Here is a description of Trampoli that Anette uses in Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.

Aden: Hey Anette, tell me what your village is like.

Anette: I live in a place called Trampoli. It's about the same as this village... there's nothing special about it. It's by the sea but there are lovely mountains and lakes as well. And a big bathhouse! Oh, and I almost forgot... There's a giant whale floating above my village.

Aden: A... A floating WHALE!?!

Anette: Well, we call it a whale, but it's really an island in the shape of a whale. It used to be dangerous, with monsters rampaging around it, but now it's peaceful. A shopkeeper named Rosetta noticed that, and I joined up with an innkeeper named Eunice to promote tourism there. Now Trampoli is having kind of a tourist boom. Rosetta's keen business instincts paid off!

Aden: Huh... Sounds like an interesting village.

Anette: Yeah! Everyone there is great! You should take a trip there if you have the chance!

Aden: Yeah. If I have the chance...

Anette: If you ever do visit, I'll introduce you to my roommate. She's weird, but nice.

Sections of the Village

Blue Circle - Lake Poli

Lake Poli is where Raguna takes eligible females for dates. Lute usually spends some time here as well, and on occasion Stella, but it often is deserted. Lake Poli is accessible through Mountain's road, who also contain the entrance for the Lava Ruins, and a divergent path for the star's observatory center.

Green Circle - Church District

The Church District is the home to Kanno, Stella, Lara, Cinnamon, Selphy, and Candy. Kanno, Cinnamon, and Candy reside in the Clock Tower, Lara and Stella in the Church, and Selphy in the Rune Archives.

The clock tower was built sometime before Stella came to the village, but since that time hasn't worked even though lots of people have come to look at it.

If Raguna waters the sparkling area, a plant will grow to Whale Island. He will immediatly climb up it and, once there, be greeted by the awareness of the whale. It claims that it was a mere cluster of rocks when it was gifted with awareness. It was gifted this ability by the Runes (a collection of spirits) and began swimming in the skies. Though Runes are formed by the earth, there are times when Runes affect the earth instead. It says that though it's awareness and body are sustained by Runes,it feels as though the Rune within it grows weak. If the Rune were to ever disappear, its awareness would fade and its journey through the sky would end. This would cause grave danger to the villagers. It shows him a stone tablet and says that it existed there before it became aware. She tells him that it might be helpful and also warns of the monsters. She says they must be returned to the First Forest with Returnen.

Red Circle - Town Square

Trampoli - (36-42) Public Square

The Town Square is where the residents of Trampoli go to meet. Lute does his business there on holidays, and Iris Noire sings beneath the large boulder in the center of it until you unlock her.

Purple Circle - Business District

The Business District is where many of the shops are. Melody runs the Laga Springs Bathhouse, and Nolan is often there as well. Ganesha runs the Blacksmith and her son Marco lives there, and Danny runs his General Store until Rosetta's General Store bankrupts Danny's; he then will work for Rosetta. Turner runs the Sunshine Inn with his daughter Eunice. His wife Rita works at the Snowstyle Tavern, which is connected to the Inn. Uzuki also resides at the Inn.

Sunshine Inn

Damascus Forge

Hours: 9am - 6pm (Closed Holidays)

Danny's Groceries

Business Hours: 9am - 6pm

The general store run by Danny.

Name Description Cost Unlock
Turnip Seed Spring Crop. Harvest in 4 days. The easiest crop to grow. 10G Beginning
Cooking Oil A must have ingredient for stir fries. It is used to prevent charring and to give a deeper flavor.  260G Beginning
Cheap Band A poorly made ring. Your defense goes up a little bit, but the rust is an eyesore.  500G Beginning
Pendant A silver pendant. It's simple, but it looks adorable.  550G Beginning

The Bath House

Business Hours: 3pm - 12am

Yellow Circle - South District

Trampoli - (37-42) Kross' Farm

The South District contains the farms of Kross and Erik. During the summer (and the rest of the game if you complete the Francoise event), Bianca and her maid Tabatha live in the mansion. Brodik also lives here.

Orange Circle - Homestead

The homestead is where Raguna lives and farms. His Monster Barn is also located there.

Black Circle - Mist's House

Trampoli - (09-42) Mist Farm

Mist's house is, obviously, the residence of Mist. Rosetta lives there briefly, and Anette moves in as her roommate as the story progresses. The Green Ruins can be found there. It leads to the Beach.

White Circle - The Beach

The Beach is used primarily in the Summer. The bachelorettes and others often are down there with their swimsuits.

Pink Circle - Whale Island

  • Just for your eyes...
  • First parts of this Island

Whale Island hovers above Trampoli near the Clock Tower (Every day except for Holidays) and Lake Poli (Holidays). It is the residence of Iris Blanche for a long while. There are fields to farm there.

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