The Sweetest Time

The Sweetest Time is the opening of Rune Factory: Frontier. It is performed by Takeshi Nakatsuka.

そっと君が 紡いでた
見つめるほどに 染められてく

変わらない 毎日も
照れた笑いと 上目づかい

まるで疑うこと 知らぬように

in the Brightest Light 何時までも

with the Deepest Love 君がふと
今この時間 ふたりの大切な Sweet Time

sotto kimi ga tsumuideta
shinji no yō ni kagayaida kotoba
mitsumeru hodo ni shomerareteku
namida no tourimichi

kawaranai mai nichi mo
futari ni wa taisetsu na takaramono
tereta warai to uwame zukai
kasaneta te no hira

marude utagau koto shiranu yō ni
shinji atte ireba

In the Brightest Light itsu made mo
boku ga bokura shikuiru koto ga
aisuru hito no tame no yakusoku

With the Deepest Love kimi ga futo
koboshiteta egao ga mitai kara
ima kono toki futari no taisetsu na Sweet Time

Grimore Song

Pray to heaven with a song
As the winds caress me
Send a prayer up to the light
So that it might help me see
Searching through my memories
Memories, my memories for you
For you
I have come this far having lost every hope
Hope of finding you
But I swear no matter what I've had to face
You've never left my heart
There are sweet memories
They live all around us
How can you not believe in our love
My full heart belongs to you
My life your love leads
I've always stood next to you
In your time of need
Embraced by the warmth of your gentle gaze
I've given you my love
I look for you now in my memories
Heart never mending,
Love never ending
Pray to heaven with our song

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