First Generation requests

Repeatable one's

Battle Strategies : Orc
Reward : 500 G and a tool, Axe.

Battle Strategies : Orc (Continued)
Reward : 700 G

Battle Strategies: Goblin Pirate
Reward : 1,000 G

Second Generation

Trial's Trieste Forest

Trial!: Pomme Pomme
Reward : 500 G

Trial!: Orc
Reward : 600 G

Trial!: Ants
Reward : 500 G

Trial!: Flower Blossom
Reward : 500 G

Trial!: Big Mushroom
Reward : 700 G

Trial!: Leaf Ball
Reward : 800 G

Trial!: Planchoa
Reward : 1,000 G, and a weapon/tool, Pitchfork.

Trial!: High Orc
Reward : 1,500 G

Trial!: Orc Hunter
Reward : 1,500 G

Trial's Blessia Island

Trial!: Goblin Pirate
Reward : 2,000 G

Trial!: Goblin Gangster
Reward : 2,000 G

Trial!: Shadow Panther
Reward : 2,200 G

Trial!: Giant Beetle
Reward : 2,000 G and a weapon Super Psycho

Trial!: Troll
Reward : 2,500 G and a page for spell book Stone Spike : Missing Page 2.

Trial!: Death Stalker
Reward : 2,000 G

Trial!: Ignis
Reward : 2,500 G

Trial!: Hammer Troll
Reward : 3,000 G

Trial!: Blood Panther
Reward : 3,000 G

Trial's Messhina Valley

Trial!: Goblin
Reward : 3,000 G

Trial!: Chipsqueek
Reward : 3,000 G

Trial!: Hornet
Reward : 3,500 G and a weapon : Gorgeous Sword

Trial!: Goblin Sniper
Reward : 3,500 G

Trial!: Hobgoblin
Reward : 3,800 G and a page for spell book Water Laser : Missing Page 2.

Trial!: Furpuff
Reward : 3,500 G

Trial!: Queen Bee
Reward : 3,500 G

Trial!: Ghost
Reward : 5,000 G

Trial!: Little Mage
Reward : 5,000 G

Trial's Padova Mountain

Trial!: Silver Wolf
Reward : 4,500 G

Trial!: Orc Viking
Reward : 4,500 G

Trial!: Necro
Reward : 5,000 G

Trial!: Sky Fish
Reward : 4,500 G

Trial!: High Orc Viking
Reward : 5,500 G

Trial!: Tundra
Reward : 5,500 G

Trial!: Faerie
Reward : 5,000 G

Trial!: Little Wizard
Reward : 5,500 G

Trial!: Dark Slime
Reward : 6,000 G

Dungeon's challenge

Trial!: High Orc II
Reward : 3,000 G

Trial!: Blood Panther II
Reward : 6,000 G

Trial!: Ghost II
Reward : 10,000 G

Trial!: Tundra II
Reward : 12,000 G


Rematch!: Terror Tree
Reward : 30,000 G

Rematch!: Octopirate
Reward : 40,000 G

Rematch!: Bane Dragon
Reward : 50,000 G

Rematch!: Crystal Mammoth
Reward : 60,000 G

How to Unlock a request

Usually, in a dungeon, you have to complete every request in order to unlock the next one. As exception, the requests classified as challenge are optional and would be available only after you completed a set of request. For the rematch, theses repeatable requests unlock after you have completed the main story's plot and after you won the last challenge into the recurrent area. A rematch used to be harder than your first encounter so be warned!

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