Birthday Winter 21st
Birthday Gift Ruby Ring
Family Roy (Son)
"Be sure to remember us for all your combat needs!"

Tanya (ターニャ, Tahnya) is Alvarna's blacksmith, and is seemingly obsessed with swords and weapons in general. In both generations, she offers various monster trials for your character (though more are offered in the second generation). Tanya's son is Roy, who is more interested in playing than weapons. Her sole employee is Jake, though on rainy days Roy can be seen in the smithy helping her.

During the day, Tanya stays in her shop. On holidays/special event days, Tanya is either just outside to the left of the bathouse or at the docks. On some nights, she will visit the bath house. She loves apples.

In the Second Generation, you discover more about her as you complete her numerous trials. She confesses that she is afraid of Ghosts. After finishing her final trial, Tundra II, she reveals that though she loves swords and forging, she is terrible at fighting and can "barely handle an orc".


Oh, that's very thoughtful of you. I really like Apple. T-H-A-N-K-S! Thank you!


Oh, what's brought this on? A present, for me?



Rune Factory 2 (US) 39 274741434300044-full(Tanya+Skill seal)

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