Monster Spoiler Spoiler Warning: The following may contain important spoilers about characters or parts in the story.

Raguna introduced to Minerva

Tabatha :
What am I supposed
to do with you...
Raguna :
Tabatha :
Welcome, Raguna.
How are you doing, sir?
Minerva :
'Sir"?..."Sir' ?!
Why are you talking
to him like that?!
Tabatha :
You must be more
polite in front of a
guest, Minerva.
Minerva :
But I'm a guest, too...
Tabatha :
Stop splitting hairs!
Raguna :
Excuse me,but...
Do you two know each other?
Tabatha :
I'm terribly sorry.
Tabatha :
This is Minerva and she is
my little sister.
Come and greet him!
Minerva :
... Hi.
Raguna :

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