Item Name
Leather Boots DEF +3 80 7 Leather boots made for travelers. Tough and durable.
Free Farming Shoes DEF +3, Ftg Res 3%, Sick Res 3% 450 40 Shoes for advanced farmers that make it possible to cultivate regardless of the grid lines.
Piyo Sandals DEF +5, Love Res 25%, Diz Res 100%, Diz 20 320 25 Shoes that chirp with every step. They make you want to run around just to see how loud they can get.
Secret Shoes DEF +12 8120 108 Boots with secret heels that make you look taller.
Silver Boots DEF +16 14280 400 Simple silver boots. Wearing them increases defense.
Heavy Boots DEF +22, Crit Res 10%, Knock Res 25%, Ftg Res -30% 20700 520 Boots made of steel. keep you from blowing away, but you'll get tired more easily.
Sneaking Boots DEF +6, Diz Res -20%, Crit +30% 22000 780 Boots used to sneak up on unsuspecting foes unnoticed. Allows you to attack monsters before they attack you!
Fast Step Boots DEF +25 33600 770 Boots designed for dance practice. Puts a spring in their wearer's step.
Gold Boots DEF +30 50000 1200 Simple golden boots. Wearing them increases defense.
Bone Boots DEF +39 68900 2100 Boots made with a combination of hard bones. Though they may look primitive, they're high in defense.
Snow Boots DEF +49 95000 1500 Special boots originally created for wear in snowy regions. They stop you from slipping in any weather.
Strider Boots DEF +50 188000 2600 Boots that help you take bigger steps. Lengthens your invincibility when dashing.
Step-In Boots DEF +98, Knock Res 25% - 3200 Boots designed to prevent you from executing dash attacks.
Feather Boots DEF +140, M.DEF +30, Knock Res -15% - 7780 Boots made of a light material. Makes you feel like you're walking on air.
Ghost Boots DEF +670, M.DEF +420, Knock Res -10% - 6800 Boots designed to lessen one's weight through principles learned from flying foes. Increases travel speed.
Iron Geta DEF +920, M.DEF +680, Knock Res 25% 7000 Simple iron footwear. Made for training purposes. Decreases travel speed.
Knight Boots

DEF +1666, M.DEF +1050, STR +5

- 12500 Boots with very high defense. Fine quality. Often worn by knights.
Fairy Boots DEF +2402, M.DEF +1980, Psn Res 15%, Seal Res 15%, Par Res 15%, Slp Res 15%, Ftg Res 15%, Sick Res 15% - 52000 Rare boots made with fairy dust. Very light, but "fairy" tough.
Wet Boots DEF +55, INT -5, CRIT +75% 78000 370 Boots that are wet and slippery. Their natural power helps you land critical hits.
Water Shoes - - 280 Footwear used by Ninja of the Far East. Helps you walk on water.
Ice Skates DEF +1520, M.DEF +1400, Diz Res 25%, Crt Res 25%, Knock Res -25% - 5400 Boots that make you skate around like you're in a rink, anywhere you go. They don't let you jump or spin, though.
Rocket Wing Diz -50%, Crt Res -25%, Knock Res -50% - 120000 Boots that help you walk faster than ever before. Takes your breath away. so make sure not to pass out.