Item Name
Small Shield DEF +3 70 22 A small shield, easy to use. Low defense capabilities.
Umbrella M.DEF +6 300 52 An expensive umbrella. Mainly meant for use as a parasol, but works against rain, too!
Iron Shield DEF +8 1240 47 A simple shield made from iron. Wide, so it stops attacks fairly easily.
Monkey Plush [Atr] Love, M.DEF +18, Love Res 50% 3950 74 A cute stuffed animal. Sold out in stores due to how terrifyingly cuddly it is.
Round Shield DEF +15, M.DEF +7 5440 118 A rounded shield. Used to fend off attacks rather than simply deflecting them.
Turtle Shield DEF +24, M.DEF +16, Crit Res 30%, Knock Res 75% 9800 240 A shield made by combining turtle shells. Very heavy, and often used in training. Resists being blown away.
Chaos Shield DEF +40, M.DEF +38, Psn Res 80%, Seal Res 80%, Par Res 80% 21500 480 A shield that goes with the chaos blade. Highly resistant to poison, paralysis and seals.
Bone Shield DEF +66, M.DEF +56 42000 610 A shield that's both light and hard. Its featherweight nature makes it easy to handle.
Magic Shield DEF +84, M.DEF +78, INT +5, Seal Res 100% 71500 1200 A shield that blocks magic attacks and seals. Best used together with a staff.
Heavy Shield DEF +102, M.DEF +84, Crt Res 50%, Knock Res 20% 90000 940 A shield made from layers of silver. Big and tough. it has a high chance of resisting critical hits.
Platinum Shield DEF +150, M.DEF +150, Diz Res 85%, Crt Res 70% 127000 3800 A durable shield made of pure platimun. Greatly resists critical hits.
Kite Shield DEF +208, M.DEF +162, Diz Res 50% 378000 4600 A shield with high defensive power. Simply shaped, easy to use and highly resistant to knockouts.
Knight Shield DEF +325, M.DEF +320, Diz Res 50%, Crt Res 50% - 7900 Proof of bravery, only borne by a chosen few. Has a very high chance of resisting critical hits.
Element Shield [Atr] FireWaterEarthWind DEF +610, M.DEF +580, Fire Res 15%, Water Res 15%, Earth Res 15%, Wind Res 15% - 14800 A shield that raises defense against elemental attacks. Lighter than it looks and very easy to use.
Magical Shield DEF +840, M.DEF +800, Psn Res 50%, Seal Res 50%, Par Res 50%, Slp Res 50%, Ftg Res 25%, Sick Res 25%, Drain Res 50% - 18000 High in magic defense and resists status ailments. The crystal in its center reduces magic attacks.
Prism Shield DEF +1080, M.DEF +960, INT +10, Seal Res 100% - 30000 A shield that fends off magic attacks. Reduces damage by diffusing magical power. Blocks seals.
Rune Shield [Atr] LightDark, DEF +2800, M.DEF +3120, Light Res 50%, Dark Res 50% - 110000 A shield made with runes. Not easily damaged, and blocks magic attacks. Halves light and darkness damage.