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Sherman De Sainte-Coquille
Sherman (RF3)
An arrogant glutton who's amassed a vast fortune. Speaks in opposites.
Birthday Summer 8
Birthday Gift Grilled Lobster
Family Evelyn (Daughter) Sofia (Daughter)
Seiyū Fujimoto takahiro

Sherman (ドンチアコス ハラペニョ ヴィヴィアージュ, Donchacos Jalapeño Viviaaju ) is a character from Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.

Sherman is wealthy, pompous man who loves eating. He has the habit of speaking in opposites, which he passed on to his daughter, Sofia. Sherman and his other daughter, Evelyn, do not always see eye to eye because she is constantly trying to get him to limit his food consumption. He often gets into fights with his daughters whenever they accidentally eat or ruin his meals.

Sherman and Sofia speak in opposites. Every time their speech is in red, they are often lying.


Unity Festival

> Before Annual

Sherman: Unity Festival, is it?

It's a festival that you didn't work hard to prepare for.
I'm not looking forward for it!

Proposal Joke

Sherman: *drool*...

Micah: No you can't eat me!


  • Sherman is one of the few characters that are unable to be invited into a party.

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