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A kind and generous girl who raises flowers with love and care.
Birthday Spring 11
Family Wells (grandfather)
Monica (younger sister)
Favorite Date Location Privera: Flower Field
Liked Cologne Sharance Spice, Flower
Wife Lunches Pink Cat Flower, Toy Herb flower, Pickled Turnip, Ironleaf

Shara (シア, Sia)is the main female character/bachelorette in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. She is Monica's older sister and Wells' eldest granddaughter. She discovered Micah in his golden wooly form when he was unconscious after he fell out of the sky, outside her house, and carried him up to her room so she could nurse him back to health. However, in the interim, he awakened in his human form and wandered around Sharance with no memory of who he is or why he came to Sharance.

She meets Micah again outside the Sharance Tree, in his human form this time, unaware that they're actually the same person. After discovering that he's an amnesiac, she invites him to live in the tree until he recovers his memories. Giving him a waterpot, a hoe, and some flower seeds, she encourages him to use the fields beneath the tree to grow crops with a cheerful expression on her face.

Shara is a very caring person who is very empathic towards everyone she meets. She will occasionally argue with her grandfather, Wells, the mayor of the town, over her habit of taking in wounded monsters, like she did with Raven.

Like Zaid, Shara also named her Tin Waterpot equipment as Mr. Sprinkles. She mentioned that the waterpot was broken and she loved it unlike any other waterpots.

She has low Str, moderate Vit, and high INT.


Shara is a very warm girl who likes to show her passion by talking to and caring for the flowers around her. She is also very kind towards Woolies and other harmless monsters. She is also the most social person in the entire village: she remembers everyone's birthday, and is always talking about their likes and dislikes. She always goes out with Monica on festival days.


Unity Festival

Before Annual

Shara: Tomorrow's the day...
Micah: Yes...
Shara: You've work so hard for this! I hope it goes well!
Micah: Thank you!



Shara: What? Huh? What is it?! T-This is so sudden! A girl needs some time to prepare for something like this!


Shara: Yes! Of couse I will!

Battle Information


Accepting: "Tee-hee. You're inviting me out? Well, how about you take me to flower field?(*Shara giggles*)"

Remove from Party: "Oh, is that it? Well, I hope you invite me again.(*Shara sighs*)"

Tactic: Floral Rush

  • Shara is neither very active nor aggressive. When spotted by an enemy, Shara will hesitate to charge and keeps her distance from the party. If Micah attacks, she'll join in as a ganging-up member. Whenever Shara receives a status effect, she'll heal very quickly, though she'll only heal if they are enemies in the same area. Shara's weapon are Watering Pots, so all her attacks are Water-elemental.

Normal Attack: Sharance Rain >Shara performs her attacks by rushing towards the enemy, sprinkling them up to 3 hits. She uses this attack concurrently with Deluge Pot.

Charged Attack: Deluge Pot >Shara always perform this attack whenever she's close to a foe. She uses this attack concurrently with Sharance Rain. This attack always deals heavy damage, almost 3 times stronger than her Sharance Rain combos would do. Critical hits may deal up to 3 times stronger than the usual Deluge Pot damage.

Healing: Floral Mend (Cure) >Shara would usually heal herself when her HP is about 75% or below. She heals slightly more frequently when her HP is below 50%.

Support: Medi/spells

  • Shara will cast restorative spells such as Medipoison or Mediparalyze and Mediseal instantly in times of an enemy's prowl. She will cast it sooner if she's affected as well.
  • Shara has no Special Skills.
Shara Battle Level Health Attack
3 93 0
Defence Magic Attack Magic Defence
0 30 0
Strength Vitality Intelligence
10 19 14
Default Weapon Tin Waterpot
Weapon Type Waterpot

Title Screen Dialogue

"Rune Factory 3. Plant a seed, and nature grows."
―Shara's dialogue at the title screen.


  • Shara is named after the Sharance Tree because her grandfather wanted her to be just as loved as the tree.
  • Before you know her name she will be called "Girl."
  • Sometimes Shara sleepwalks into Monica's bed, which annoys Monica because she thinks Shara is a baby and that she should be the older sister. Shara calls her big sis for the rest of the day.
  • Shara gets nervous at the Bean Throwing Festival because she's scared that the beans might hurt. She also has a problem trying not to avoid the beans.
  • Shara wears a perfume called Sweet & Love that smells like pinkcat. Micah also likes the smell of it.
  • Shara thinks that Cherry Trees are amazing because she says that they change color according to the season.
  • She shares the same birthday as Melody from Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon and Rune Factory: Frontier.
  • During the Turnip War, Shara says a prayer for the turnips before the festival begins.
  • Shara's waterpot is named Mr. Sprinkles.

Shara's Quests

Love Requests

Shara's 1st request: My first request...

Location: Request Board
Unlock: During Tutorial
Talk with all the villagers.
It's quite easy to do it. Just enter all the other houses and talk with everyone.==

Then, go back to Shara, and talk to her. Then she'll tell you to ship something. Anything. Then come back and talk to her.

Reward: 4x Pink Turnip seeds

Shara's 2nd request: Come with me

Location: Mailbox
Unlock: 2 LP

Bring Shara to the Flower Garden in the Forest.

Reward: Nothing.

I need your help…

Requester: Shara
I want to meet a wooly. Location: Request Board
Unlock: Finish Privera Forest Dungeon.

Transform into a Wooly. Then talk to her, while in wooly form, and she'll give you an apple.
Transform back to a human, and talk to her again.

Reward: Apple, Formula A x9

My waterpot

Requester: Shara
My waterpot broke. Can you help…? Location: Request Board
Unlock: 4 LP

Help Shara get a new waterpot, as hers is broken.
The first option will make her happy, The second, you give her money, and the third, you will make her mad. After this give her a water pot.

Old Waterpot = Rice Ball
Tin Waterpot = Moondrop Seed, Toyherb Seed, Pink Cat Seed, Charm Blue Seed
Lion Waterpot = Ironflower M.S.
Rainbow Waterpot = Greenifier x9
Joy Waterpot = Lamp Grass Seed, Formula B x18

I need your advice...

Requester: Shara
It's about Monica. do you think you could help?
Location: Request Board
Unlock: 5 LP

Talk with Shara.
Reward: Nothing.

Monica's Quest: Shara told me…

[Requester: Monica]
Shara told me to send this. Go talk to her about it.
Requirements: Complete Shara's 5th request

After you choose this quest Monica will wait in Sharance Plaza. First, go talk to Shara to recieve the Rose Bouquet. Give it to Monica. After a bit of talking, Monica will follow you. Bring her to Vale: Icy Rosebush. Then, Oddward: Rainbow Falls, then the Privera: Flower Field. Then, after 7pm, visit the desert sand dunes, because Monica wants to see the stars. After the talking, You'll be back at the flower shop. The quest is completed.
Reward: "Nothing"

Thank you, Your Highness.

[Requester: Shara]
May I request an audience with the Rose Prince? Location: Mailbox
Unlock: 6 LP, Completed Monica's request.

Talk with Shara, then Monica.

Reward: Cake

Can we talk?

Requester: Shara
I want to tell you something… Location: Mailbox
Unlock: 7 LP

Bring Shara to your house. Then watch the talking event.
Reward: 4 love crystal

Come with me

[Requester: Shara]
A small wooly has been coming to play. Would you like to join us?
Location: Mailbox
Unlock: 8 LP

After you accept, go to the Flower Field in the forest. Watch the scene. After the scene, Shara will bring the wooly to her house, and care for it. After the quest, you can see the wooly in her room.

Reward: Shield Ring

Please help!

[Requester: Shara]
It's about the wooly! Location: Mailbox
Unlock: 9 LP

Go to Shara's room for the event. Wells wants Shara to release the wooly, but she doesn't want to. Afterwords, you have to find the wooly's parent. Go to Privera: Flower Field, and transform to his wooly form. Go back to Shara's room. She's upset that Micah agrees with Wells and she runs back to Privera: Flower Field, where Micah has to follow her to.

Reward: Cherry Grass, Emery Flower, Fireflower, Noel Grass.

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