Let's Play Hide-and-Seek!

A Request From: Sera and Serena
Come play hide-and-seek with us!
Talking to them, they ask the protagonist to play hide and seek. As soon as the protagonist leaves the area, they relocate to their hiding spot. They are both in De Sainte-Coquille Dining Hall. After they are found, they give the protagonist marmalade, which they say they both like.

Come Play with Us!


Sera hiding on the sandy path

A Request From: Sera and Serena

We're looking for someone to play with us!
Serena can be found in the North Square. She was playing with Sera, but she can't find her. They usually hide together, but this time they were playing with the two of them. She can be found in Blessia Island - Sandy Path. When the protagonist talks to her, she is happy to have been found and says that she got lost. She feels cheered up now and returns to her sister. When the protagonist talks to them again, they will thank him or her with a chocolate cookie.

Let's Play a Guessing Game!

A Request From: Sera and Serena
Let's play a guessing game! It'll be fun!


Sera asks Aria to guess

Talking to Sera and Serena, they want the protagonist to guess who is who. They switch between themselves quickly until they ask again. There are three options to choose from. If they say that Sera is on the right, which is incorrect, they get the option to play again or quit. If they play again they will start over with the same options. If they give up they will have to accept the request again. If they say on the left, the twins will be impressed and say even there parents don't always recognize them and reward the protagonist with pudding. If they say they have no idea, they will be upset that they don't like their game, and apologize with a sardine sashimi.

Something a Little More Grown Up

A Request From: Sera and Serena
There's something we've been wanting to do for a while.
Both the twins asks Aria if she likes them. If she says not really, they are both sad and say to forget it. If she says yes, then they are very happy. They then ask her to bring them the stroller chalice. They say to ask Leann about it.

Talking to Leann, she says that if a husband and a wife drink spring water from it on their first anniversary, they are said to be granted eternal happiness. Her father bought it from someone quite a while ago. The former owners had fought over it, then made up... Then had another big fight, and then made up again, on and on and on. It was a heirloom in their family, but in the end it caused so much friction that they decided to sell it. Aria asks if she could borrow it, but Leann says she's sure Max forgot about it and that she can keep it. It's in the dining hall. It can be found on the back wall.
Showing it to them, they tell her to now propose to them. They don't seem to really know what a wedding is. They and the protagonist then get married in the church. Gordon asks Aria her vows. She is reluctant at first, but they snap at her to do it properly, because they're just pretending. Gordon finds it funny. They begin to argue about toast, and Gordon explain what marriage really is. They understand and decide to ask their parents for toast with marmalade instead.

1st Request

Let's Play Hide-and-Seek!

Reward : Marmelade

A Request From: Sera and Serena

Come play hide-and-seek with us!

Suu Serena: Let's play hide-and-seek. Aaron and Aria!
Suu Sera: Yeah, let's play! Muu
Aria Aria: Sure! Muu
Suu Serena: We'll go hide as soon as you can't see us! Muu
Suu Sera: Good luck finding us! Muu
Suu Serena: Ready...? Muu
Suu Sera: Go! Muu

You can find them on the opposite side of your barn, where Yue usually stands.

Suu Serena: Shoot, you found us!
Suu Sera: Aw, boo! Muu
Aria Aria: You could have hidden in different spots. I mean, there ARE two of you... Muu
Suu Serena: Impossible! Muu
Suu Sera: We're inseparable! Muu
Aria Aria: I see... Muu
SuuHappy Serena: That was fun! Let's play again sometime! Muu
SuuHappy Sera: Oh, that's right! We want you to have this! MuuHappy


Suu Serena: I love MARMALADE!
Suu Sera: I love it, too! Try it, Aria! Muu

Come Play with Us!

Reward : Chocolate Cookie

Let's Play a Guessing Game!

Reward : Variable. May obtain a Pudding, or a Sardine Sashimi.

Something a Little More Grown Up

Condition : None Reward : A wedding play with Gordon.

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