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Serena : Hi, Aaron/Aria. Sera : Hello, Aaron/Aria.

Kyle's back

Serena :
Your daddy came back!
That's great, Aaron/Aria!
Sera :
Yay I'm glad he's back.

First, second talk

No location

winter, in the morning at Alvarna clinic 2F
1. Serena :
It's cold out today.
Sera :
But it's nice and warm inside!
1. Sera :
It's so cold now!
Serena :
But it's warm inside the house!
2. Serena :
Winter's great because
I get to curl up by the
fireplace with a good book.
Sera :
No it's great because
we get to play in the snow!
2. Serena :
Reading in front of the fire is what
winter's for.
Sera :
Winter's the only time you can play in
the snow!

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