Monster Spoiler Spoiler Warning: The following may contain important spoilers about characters or parts in the story.

Life after wedding

Selphy :
Selphy :
We need to talk.
Raguna :
What's the matter?
Selphy :
Um...I think I may
be pregnant.
Raguna :
What... Are you serious?!
We're having a kid!
I'm gonna be a father!
Raguna :
Thank you!
This is the happiest
day of my life!
Selphy :
I was so happy when I
found out, too.


Selphy :
Here's your lunch!
I know this one will be good!

//Today's box lunch is
//Curry Bread!

Raguna :
Selphy :
It's a light meal so you can
munch it down whenever
it's convenient.

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