Selphia Plains

Selphia plains

Selphia Plains () is a location in Rune Factory 4.

Area Information

Area Monsters Items Chests Notes
A1 Wooly

Medicinal Herb, Antidote Grass

A2 - - - Go north to enter Selphia.
A3 - - - The clothes merchant will set up shop here.
B1 -

Medicinal Herb, Amethyst Ore, Iron Ore

X4 Turnip Seeds, X 4 Toyherb Seeds Summer Field (2x2 area).

Ant, Beetle, Pomme-Pomme

Purple Grass, Amethyst Ore

Power Wave, X4 Toyherb Seeds The northern and southern halves of the area are split by a stone that can only be broken once your mining is at level 30.
B3 Pomme-Pomme Bamboo Sprout -

Wooly, Orc, Orc Archer

Iron Ore Greeting Spell, Broadsword, Hurricane (skill) Until you have been asked to go to the Water Ruins, the remains of a tree will prevent you from going south or west in this area.
B5 Wooly Medicinal Herb, Antidote Grass -
B6 Wooly

Medicinal Herb Antidote Grass


-Save Point-

Go north to enter the Yokmir Forest.

B7 Wooly

Medicinal Herb, Antidote Grass, Green Grass

- The Buried Cave (relevant in some random events) is in this area.
C1 - X2 Boxes Reaper Slash (skill) Go west to Selphia Plain - West and Autumn Road. (The bridge in this area will not be built until you have been asked to go to the Obsidian Mansion.)

Cluckadoodle, Pomme-Pomme

Antidote Grass -

Wooly, Cluckadoodle, Pomme-Pomme

Antidote Grass, Blue Grass, Green Grass

C4 - - -

-Save Point-

Go north to enter the Water Ruins.

D1 Pomme-Pomme Mushroom X3 Antidote Grass
D2 Big Muck Mushroom -
D3 - Mushroom -
D4 Big Muck Mushroom -
D5 - - -
D6 - - - The fortune teller living in this area will rate your compatability with mariage candiates who you bring along.
D7 Chipsqueek Medicinal Herb, Antidote Grass, Green Grass -
E1 - Mushroom - Fishing Spot: Keeno Lake (summer fishing area)
E2 Big Muck, Ant Mushroom -
E3 Big Muck, Pomme-Pomme Mushroom -
E4 Death Fungus - - Five days of the week, this area will be empty with a large mushroom in the center. On Fridays the mushroom will be gone, and a Death Fungus can be fought in this area.
E5 - - Spear, Iron Shield, X3 Iron, X1 Bronze, X4 Recovery Potions
E6 Beetle, Chipsqueek, Pomme-Pomme 800G
F1 - - -

-Save Point-

Go downstairs to enter the Cluck-Cluck Nest.

F2 Beetle, Pomme-Pomme - -
F3 - - -

Fishing Spot: Summer Spring

If you throw something (anything) into the pond, a Red will give you a Summer Headdress

G1 - - - Go west to enter Sercerezo Hill. (This bridge can't be used until Doug tells you about it after Leon has been rescued.)
G2 - - -
G3 Chipsqueek - Upper Cut A row of trees divides this area. If you enter from the west side, you will not be able to access the north or east paths.
G4 Buffamoo, Wooly - Axe, Shirt Only one on the map




Withered Grass (RF4) Rock (RF4) Weeds (RF4) Blue Grass (RF4) Green Grass (RF4) Branch (RF4) Antidote Grass (RF4) Medicinal Herb (RF4)


Wooden Box