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Rusk (ラスク, Rusk) is a character in Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.

He is Blaise's son and Collette's younger brother. He's a picky boy who hates vegetables. Micah tries to change this throughout the game by mentioning the sweeter tastes and health benefits of various veggies. On the other hand, he loves sweets just like his father. He works at the town's diner as a pastry chef. Collette doesn't share a sweet tooth with her father and younger brother, and seems to think that it's a "guy" thing. Due to Collette's appetite, Rusk finds his older sister to be a pig.


Unity Festival

Before Annual Rusk: Tomorrow's the Unity Festival. I wonder what they're like...

Proposal Joke

Rusk: "Wait, what kind of joke is this? Or did you want to get married?"

Battle Information


  • Default (Silver Staff)
  • Gift Weapon type: Staves

Techniques: Hiding Pastries

By visualizing the nearest nearby enemies, uses startle-style magic to attack, but doesn't really charge at the enemies using weapons so much

Special Skill: Dark Rift -A spell which it's casting distance and area are hard to calculate, but very startling.

  • Note that Rusk is depicted as a fickle and picky person. He is also very fickle or hesitant to attack.
Rusk Battle Level Health Attack
3 89 0
Defence Magic Attack Magic Defence
0 18 0
Strength Vitality Intelligence
11 18 13
Default Weapon Rod
Weapon Type