Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon
RF1 cover
Neverland Co.
Marvelous Entertainment JP

Natsume NA
Rising Star Games EU

Daewon Media KOR
Nintendo DS
Release Dates
August 24, 2006 JP

August 14, 2007 NA
February 13, 2009 EU
March 12, 2009 AUS

January 6, 2010 KOR

Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon (ルーンファクトリー -新牧場物語-, Rūn Fakutorī -Shin Bokujō Monogatari-, lit. Rune Factory - A New Ranch Story -) is the first game in the Rune Factory series for Nintendo DS. It is a role-playing simulation video game series developed by Neverland Co., Ltd. it is a spin-off of the Harvest Moon video game series. It is described by Yoshifumi Hashimoto, producer of the Harvest Moon series, as "Harvest Moon where you wield a sword."


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