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First generation

First time we met


Hey, who are you?


Hey there! My name's Kyle. What's yours?


I'm Roy. Where are you from?


Actually, I don't know myself...


Heh, what kinda answer's that? You have amnesia or something?


That's a big word for someone your age...


Well, you know... I pick up what I hear.


I'm tending to Mana's farm at the moment.


That dried out piece of junk? Good luck growing anything there!


I know it won't be easy. But I kinda like the challenge... That's why I figure I'll be staying around here for a while... Guess I'll be seeing you around!


Well, if you ever have any questions about anything, you can always talk to me!


Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

Second Generation


Morning, Aaron/Aria.

Heart Level

By Location

Flower Festival
First parts
Roy: Today's the Flower Festival. The cherry blossoms are really pretty, huh? Roy

Aria: Yeah, they sure are. I like 'em too. Say, Roy...

Wanna go look at them with me?

Don't climb any trees today, okay?

Aria2 Aria: Don't climb any trees today, okay? Roy
Roy: I won't, I won't. I know how mad everyone'd get. Roy

Aria Aria

Second parts

If you choose "Wanna go look at them with me?"...

Aria Aria: Let's go look at them together. The trees at Alvarna Academy looked nice.

Roy: Go look at the blossoms, you say? Sure!

(Spoken: No problem)

(Wide mouth Smile)
Aria Roy: Okay, well, you go on ahead to Alvarna Academy. I'll be right behind you. Roy


Third Parts

After walking to front of school...

Aria Aria : (We're supposed to meet here.)

Roy walks up.

Hey, Aria! Did I make you wait? Roy


Aria: No, I just got here too. Roy
Aria Roy: That's good. Let's go stand over by the cherry tree. (Wide Smile)
Aria2 Aria: Okay. (Wide Smile)
fourth Parts

They walk over...


Roy: Ha ha ha, they're in full bloom. (Wide Smile W/ Musical Note)
Aria2 Aria: Wow. (Wide Smile W/ Musical Note)
Aria2 Roy: I love cherry trees when the flowers are in bloom. They're fun to climb. (Wide smile W/ Musical Note)
Aria Roy
Aria Roy
Aria6 Roy
Aria6 Roy
Aria Roy
Aria Roy
Aria Roy
Aria Aria Roy
Aria Aria Roy
Aria2 Roy
Aria6 Roy
Aria6 Roy
Aria2 Roy
Aria2 Roy
Aria2 Roy
Aria2 Roy

Alvarna blacksmith, in winter, during a holyday's morning
  • The first talk may depend on the encounter area, and the time of the day.
  • The second talk may depend on season, or today weather.

1. Remember, don't touch mom's collection

of weapons!
It's dangerous! Mainly to me thought!
If something were to break, she'd be

2. There's no beting a snowball fight in

winter! I like winter the best, for

Kyle's back

Wow...! Kyle came back?!
That's great, Aaron/Aria!

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