Birthday Fall 8th
Birthday Gift Grape Juice
Family Natalie (mother)
Alicia (older sister)
Sera and Serena (daughters)
Rival Marriage Rosalind
Rival Marriage Date Spring 17th, Year 3

Ray (レイ, Ray) is the son of Natalie and the younger brother of Alicia. Like his, mother he strives to one day be a doctor and can almost always be found in the clinic. He seems to be a peacemaker in his house, as he doesn't like it when his mother and sister fight. He also has a crush on Rosalind and can be found with her on most holidays.

It has also been said that Ray was originally intended to be a female bachelorette.

Second Generation

In the second generation, Ray will take his mother's spot of the doctor in town. Unless Kyle married Rosalind, Ray will have married her and have twin girls named Sera and Serena.


Are you giving this to me? Wow, thanks! I love it!

Pink Cat, Pumpkin Pudding, Pink Melon, Vegetable Juice

Is this for me? Really?


Actually, I don't really like these. Sorry.




  • Ray shares the same birthday with Elena from Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.

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