Raguna (RFF)
Family A wife (any of the potential bachelorettes), Ivan (brother)
Appearances RF, RFF
Seiyū Romi Paku
Voice Actor Johnny Yong Bosch

Raguna (ラグナ, Ragna) is a young man who is suffering from amnesia just like most of protagonists of the Rune Factory series. He is also a kind-hearted young man who is always willing to help people in need.

He came to Trampoli looking for Mist, but ends up living there just like she did. After Mist gives him his house, he lives at an extra house in town with a farm that is a complete mess when he first arrives. He is an Earthmate, and is both capable on the battlefield and the farm.



  • Raguna is the only protagonist to star in multiple games.
  • Although it is not mentioned in Frontier, it was strongly hinted in the previous game that Raguna is a member of the royal family.
  • With this appearance, Raguna has the most eligible bachelorettes out of all the protagonists in the series. Frontier and the previous game give him a count of 17 (18 if one counts Iris as separate).

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