Porcoline take parts into 8 different events who occur randomly.

How to Make a Pile of Money
Characters : Bado, Vishnal, Forte, Porcoline, Margaret, Arthur
A Favor Repaid
Characters : Porcoline, Margaret, Dylas, Arthur
A Porco and an Elf
Characters : Porcoline, Margaret, Illuminata
Barrels of Fun
Characters : Porcoline, Margaret, Vishnal, Kiel, Arthur, Forte, Xiao Pai
Don't Forget Your Physical!
Characters : Jones, Porcoline, Margaret, Arthur
Eternal Rivals
Characters : Doug, Dylas, Porcoline, Blossom, Margaret, Vishnal
Shiny Memories
Characters : Blossom, Doug, Xiao Pai, Arthur, Margaret, Porcoline, Ventuswill
The Running Sign
Characters : Dolce, Pico, Nancy, Jones, Kiel, Forte, Xiao Pai, Lin Fa, Porcoline, Margaret, Arthur, Doug

Porcoline also take parts into some wedding sub-events

Being Here
Required to marry Margaret