The pharmacy is one of the crafting areas, and is used in brewing medicine and other chemicals like Greenifiers. To create medicine, you must first obtain the second floor of Sharance Tree by clearing the Privera Forest dungeon and traveling to the Univir Settlement. Once the second floor grows in, Marjorie or Marian will offer to build a Pharmacy for 2000G and 40 wood. To obtain recipes in-game, one must eat Medicine Bread. These can be bought from Blaise for 160G each. They can also be bought as one of the random items from Yue at the upper floor of the inn when she's there.
  • As with all recipes, you are not required to know the recipe beforehand in order to actually craft. However, you will not know the percentage of success until after you are successful. You may consistently fail in experimentation because your craft level is too low.
  • You can make recipes up to 9 levels above you, but they will have a 10% chance. For example, you can craft a Lvl 40 item while being Lvl 31 as minimum.
  • Unlike cooking, you will not lose your raw materials upon failure. You can use this to your advantange and level your pharmacy skill by repetitively attempting to craft something of a higher level. You will still get exp even if you fail. Just remember to keep your RP up.

Higher skill level can increase the level of the recipes created.

  • Less then required skill level = Potion Level Increase by 0
  • 100% Success rate = Potion Level Increase by 1
  • 100% Success rate + 72 to 75 Skill LV = Potion Level Increase by 2
  • 100% Success rate + 76 to 79 Skill Lv = Potion Level Increase by 3
  • 100% Success rate + 80 to 83 Skill Lv = Potion Level Increase by 4
  • 100% Success rate + 84 to 87 Skill LV = Potion Level Increase by 5
  • 100% Success rate + 88 to 91 Skill Lv = Potion Level Increase by 6
  • 100% Success rate + 92 to 95 Skill Lv = Potion Level Increase by 7
  • 100% Success rate + 96 to 99 Skill Lv = Potion Level Increase by 8

Some of this data is from the Japanese version of the game and may be inaccurate, please mark any mistakes you find.

Item Name Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5 Item 6 Skill Lv
Recovery Potion Medicinal Herb Medicinal Herb 4
Antidote Potion Antidote Herb Antidote Herb 8
Sweet Powder Apple Apple 9
Formula A Green Grass Green Grass Red Grass Red Grass 11
Heavy Spice Red Grass Red Grass 12
Recovery Potion Toy Herb Flower 14
Para-Gone Yellow Grass Yellow Grass 14
Sour Drop Orange Yellow Grass 15
Roundoff Blue Grass Purple Grass 16
Neutralizer Charm Blue Antidote Herb 17
Healing Potion Medicinal Herb Medicinal Herb Medicinal Herb 20
Cold Medicine Leek Green Pepper Green Grass Orange Grass 21
Formula A Moondrop 22
Cold Medicine Fireflower 27
Formula B Blue Grass Blue Grass Red Grass Red Grass 28
Neutralizer Antidote Herb Antidote Herb Antidote Herb 29
Greenifier Strong Vine Strong Vine Fish Fossil Earth Crystal 30
Para-Gone Pink Cat Flower 31
Mixed Herbs Moondrop Toy Herb Charm Blue Pink Cat 35
Formula B Charm Blue 36
Mystery Potion Medicinal Herb Medicinal Herb Blue Grass Blue Grass 40
Healing Potion Noel Grass 40
Heart Drink Green Crystal Dragon Bones Strong vine Magic Powder Ironleaf 41
Formula C Yellow Grass Yellow Grass Red Grass Red Grass 42
Protein Boost Red Crystal Raccoon Leaf Strong Vine Magic Powder Spinach 43
Mental Supplement White Crystal Ice Shard Strong Vine Magic Powder Eggplant 45
Formuade Lamp Grass Heavy Spice Medium Yogurt Medium Cheese Devil Blood Curry Powder 46
Vital Gummi Blue Crystal Red Lion Fur Blue Lion Fur Strong Vine Magic Powder 48
Love Potion Pink Melon Pink Melon Strawberry Grape Liqueur Honey Magic Powder 52
Formula C Cherry Grass 52
Heart Drink Green Crystal 55
Protein Boost Red Crystal 57
Mental Supplement White Crystal 59
Mystery Potion Ironleaf 60
Invinciroid Formuade Autumn Grass Pumpkin Gold Pumpkin 61
Vital Gummi Blue Crystal 62
Formuade Autumn Grass 66
Love Potion Emery Flower 73
Roundoff Lamp Grass 76
Invinciroid Formuade Autumn Grass 82
Antidote Potion Pom-Pom Grass 82
Levelizer 4-Leaf Clover 4-Leaf Clover 4-Leaf Clover Fireflower Fireflower Medium Mayonnaise 91
Levelizer 4-Leaf Clover 98


  • If the player is making the Levelizer Level 98 which uses only a single Four-leaf Clover, when making about(14-30) Levelizers, there is a glitch which the Material Box(requirement box) which crosses all Four-leaf Clover related medicines. Oddly, the player can still keep making more Levelizer if they have more Four-leaf Clovers. The glitch will be gone after the player makes another Levelizer. Results may vary.

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