Orland (オルファス, Orphas) is the half-elf half-human son of Cecilia and Jake.

He will also be the son of Yue and Jake should you choose to marry Cecilia.

Most of his traits come from his father, especially his hatred of humans. He doesn't seem to like talking very much. He enjoys bugs. He is also intelligent, and gets annoyed when you talk to him at school. He can date and have a pretend wedding with Aria.


You're giving this to me? Thanks, I'll be happy to take it from you.

Trash, Proof of Warrior,

That's kind of you. I like a nice _____. Thanks.

Fried Mackerel,

Can I have this? Thank you.

Taimen Sashimi, Proof of Wisdom,

I don't need this. Actually, I hate it.

Fried Sardines,