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Oddward Valley (オッドワードの谷 Oddward Valley)

Enjoy picturesque hiking through caves and a creek in this autumnal valley. Make it all the way to the top of the hill to enjoy a serene view.

The Fall area and third story dungeon. The date area, Rainbow Falls is also here.

Difficulty: Oddwardstars

Suggested Level: 28 (Normal)

Mineable Items:

  • Scrap Metal, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Aquamarine, Wind Crystal



  • Grapes.


  • Skipjack, Salmon, Squid, Mackeral, Pike, Snapper, Fall Flounder, Lover Snapper

Randomly Hidden:

  • Flavored Radish, Baked Rice Ball, Yam, Cheese Bread, Mushroom, 

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