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The protagonist son (子ども (息子) 役) named Noel.

Your lovable child. Full of curiosity and endlessly playful, but also sweet, just like his parents.

"An adorable child full of curiosity for the world. Loved by both Mommy and Daddy, as well as the people of Selphia."
―Official Website Description[1]
The child of the protagonist and an eligible villager in Rune Factory 4. The default name of the male child is Noel, and the default name of the female child is Luna. As with all other villagers, it is possible to take the child out on adventures and speak with them. The player will only be able to have one child. There are a good number of events that the child will be involved in, including a scene during their birthday.

The player is able to choose their child's gender or leave it up to fate. Once the child is born, they will see several short scenes regarding them and their spouse raising them before the game skips ahead five years.

Unlocking Noel / Luna

Upon reaching nineteen or more game days after marrying, the player's spouse will talk to them about having children. If the player responds in the affirmative, at least fourteen more days must pass for the pregnancy to happen. The birth will happen after twenty or more days after that, and the player will be able to name their child and watch a five-year timeskip occur.


Favorite: Heart Pendant, Aquamarine Ring, Emerald Ring, Sapphire Ring, Diamond Ring, Ruby Ring, Happy Ring (Luna)

Favorite: Strider Boots, Croquettes (Noel)

Likes: Fried Rice, Doria, French Fries, Croquettes, Omelet Rice, Curry, Pizza

Hates: Salad, Pickled Turnips, Vegetable Juice, Vegetable Smoothie


  • Just like Lest and Frey, both children will have the same dialogue.
  • Luna has the same swimsuit and pajamas as Xiao Pai and Amber, the only difference is the color.
  • The White Stone may only be obtained after this child is born.
  • Luna means "Moon" in several Romance Languages (like Spanish) and in Russian
  • Noel means "Christmas", "Nativity" or "Good News" in old French.
  • The child's appearance will not change based on who you marry. They will always look the same.
  • The children will not age.
  • Noel/Luna will inherit combat abilities from whoever Lest/Frey decided to marry
  • Noel/Luna can use any weapon fairly well


  • Luna: "Um... Papa, Mama, these are for you!"
  • Noel: "Oh, look, look, it's an airship!"


  • "Papa, you're so cool! Grandpa Vol is cool too!"
  • Noel in opening video
  • Luna in opening video
  • Photo credit: RopeMaidenKirieGo to
  • Photo credit: RopeMaidenKirieGo to



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