"As a doctor, I cannot accept something that is not based upon sound science and reason."

Natalie (ナタリー, Natalie) is Alvarna's doctor, and the mother of Ray and Alicia. In the second generation, she is the grandmother of Sera and Serena. Natalie is also assisted by Dorothy, one of the bachelorettes in the game. Natalie disagrees with her daughter Alicia's fortune-telling, but will change her tune a bit if the main character chooses Alicia as a bride. She enjoys drinking with Douglas and Gordon.

Natalie can be found in the clinic and doesn't usually leave, even on holiday/event days. She likes Cherry Grass, Pumpkin Pudding, and Tomato, but hates Strawberries.


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Tomato, Pumpkin Pudding, Autumn Grass

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