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Mt. Gigant is the fourth dungeon of Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. To obtain access, till a hundred squares of land in Clemens Cave and speak to Godwin.

Season: Summer


Map gigant



Monsters Drop Items
Area 1 Big Mush Aero Element; Spore
Spider Strong String; Pretty String
Area 2 Flower

 Green Crystal Seeds

  Red Crystal Seeds 


Area 3 Buffamoo S. Milk
Area 4 Weegull Aero Element; Bird Wing; Wind Crystal
Area 5 Fuwori Quality Skin; Flare Element
Area 7 Weegull Aero Element; Bird Wing; Wind Crystal
(X2) Big Mush Spore; Aero Element
Area 9 Kokehoho Bird Wing; Wing Crystal
Area 10 Weegull Aero Element; Bird Wing; Wind Crystal
Area 11 Flower  Green Crystal Seeds; Red Crystal Seeds; Root
Buffalo Bullhorn; Heart Drink
Area 12 (X2) Spider Strong String; Pretty String
Buffalo Bullhorn; Heart Drink

Boss Monster



Boss: Grimoire


Location Fish
Area 3

Gibelio; Cherry Salmon; Rainbow Trout; Fall Flounder; Crucian Carp

Area 9

Gibelio; Cherry Salmon; Crucian Carp; Rainbow Trout


  • The Grimoire Scale that the boss of Mt. Gigant drops can be brought to Leo in order to make the Grimoire Sword.

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