A pretty lonely place, but good for growing fall crops.

Danger Level


  • Ruins: Defeat 3

Buffamoos at Messhina Valley - Giant Boulder! They disappear after sunset.

    • Defeat 4 Queen Bees at Messhina Valley - Holy Statue! They only show themselves at night.
      • Defeat 5 Hobgoblins at Messhina Valley - Withered Road! They disappear after sunset.
  • Holy Statue: Sow crops in all of the fields at Messhina Valley - Holy Statue. Remember, they must all be fully grown. Any kind of crop will do.
  • Cave - Hall: A precious metal with a silver luster. Bring me 5 of them. (Silver)
    • It's a completely useless metal. Even so, it's splendid in its own way, so bring me 15 of them.



  • Flower Lilly (Day)
  • Goblin (Day)

Withered Road

  • Hobgoblin (Day)
  • Goblin Sniper (Day)

Path to Mountain

  • Flower Lilly (Day)
  • Goblin Archer (Day)
  • Weegull (Day)


  • Goblin Sniper (Day)
  • Blackbird (Day)

Holy Statue

  • Hobgoblin (Day)
  • Blackbird (Day)

Serene Garden

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