Max (マックス・レムナンド・ヴィヴィアージュ, Max Remunando Viviaajyu) is Herman's son and Rosalind's older brother. He is also the only known son of the De Sainte-Coquille family. Even though he's handsome, he seems to be quite spoiled and sometimes even rude, which seems to be the reason that Alicia dislikes him. He also seems to often gloat about his skills in fighting, but no one seems to believe him and he often gets Kyle to get monster drops for him in order to prove his boasting.

He has nickname in the village as "Mr.Perfect". But he said that he has some weak if you have more than 4 Friend Points with him. He has habit to drink a cup of milk before sleep and is afraid of insects. He also cares about the earth. When you have 8 Friend Points with him and he ask about earth, if you reply that "we need a military facility," he will be angry.

He is your rival for Julia and you can usually see him standing with her at festivals, talking about boats (which she can't seem to grasp for some reason). If you don't marry her, Max will be Julia's husband in the second generation. Their daughter is Leann. Even though he is rather spoiled, he does have a kind side to him, especially towards his family.

Second Generation

In the second generation, Max will have married Julia, unless Kyle did (in which case he'll be married to Yue). He will also continue to do the same thing he did in the first generation, except now he has a wife and a daughter named Leann. If Kyle married Rosalind in the first generation and Aria or Aaron talks to him, he will get upset if they call him uncle, but he still seems to care about his niece or nephew, telling them that they can play in his manor if they want. He will also give them tips about fighting. He also jokes around more with both Aria and Aaron; he jokes that he will wear low-rise bikini.


Liked Gifts

Proof Of Warrior, Fluffy Scarf, Platinum

<Name>, I don't mind getting presents, but I really don't need this right now.





  • Max shares a birthday with James from Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny and Doug from Rune Factory 4.
  • Max is mentioned in Rune Factory 4 by Barrett who wonders if Max will look like Porcoline someday.
  • In Rune factory 4, a letter fromMax can be found in Dylas' room.