Marriage Sub-Event

29 5681
The event is first triggered when Everyone in the town is concerned due to the recent outbreak of sightings regarding a Siren. Both Lest and Margaret soon end up investigating the nearby lake in Selphia Plains. Eventually, Margaret begins distancing herself from Lest, forcing him to consult Porcoline on the matter. Porcoline states that when Margaret first arrived, she was accompanied by her mentor. The two shared a very close bond, but he passed away naturally due to him being very old at the time. Porcoline then confronts Margaret with the fact that she is struck with paranoia of losing Lest, and states that he's closer to her than her master. Margaret immediately runs off, forcing Lest to follow closely. When he arrives to her at the same lake, she is quickly ambushed by a Siren, who takes Margaret's voice.

Upon returning, Margaret loses her ability to talk and sing, forcing her to communicate with writing, while Porcoline, Kiel and Jones search for a cure to Margaret's problem.

Later Blosssom tells Lest of an old story regarding a Siren. She stated that this Siren had attacked the village numerous times, but a traveler managed to convince it to stop attacking after numerous visits. He would continuously visit the Siren to listen to her song, and she began being called "Audy". However, when he died, no one heard of the Siren ever since. Kiel also reports of the same Siren, but is still curious to why Sirens would need to steal voices when their's would already be well-off.

Margaret soon opens up an old Melody Bottle that she, Illuminata and Lest had found before, and it soon reveals that the message was intended for the same Siren. Before leaving, Margaret forces herself to say that she had always been scared, but now, she has to overcome it in order to still be with Lest. Soon they confront the Siren with the message, and, as expected, the Siren is surprised about the message, and admits that she had fallen for the man, but began acting aggressively due to the fact that he never returned. She soon returns Margaret's voice to her, asking the elf to not follow the same path.

After Margaret's voice is returned to her, she jumps toward Lest and kisses him. They both return to the town square where she ask him for his ear and whispers that she will be expecting him to say an "important string of words" to her and that she will be waiting.

The event ends with Porcoline overjoyed with the return of Margaret's voice.


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