Title Screen Dialogue

"Rune Factory. Bravo!"
―Margaret's dialogue at the title screen.


  • "You! Throw garbage in the garbage bin!"
  • "Hmm? What's up?"
  • "Let's start the day with a hearty greeting!"
  • "Don't walk around late at night, okay?"
  • "I can't stop smiling!"
  • "Porco!!!"
  • "Forte'd like this!"
  • "It's the start of a new day!"
  • "Amber's so cute."

Margaret's Marriage Cutscene:

Rune-factory-4 Margarete blush

"I was always... running away. But not anymore!"

Jealousy Dialogue

Margaret: Lest. Do you have a moment?

Lest: Y-yes...?

Margaret: Now, I know you're a healthy young human, and this may be natural for you. And I want to respect you and your customs as much as I can. But this... this is very hard on me. Please try to be more serious. I only want you to have eyes for me... no one else.