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Birthday Summer 9th
Birthday Gift Roasted Yam
Family Douglas (Father)
Proposal Item Engagement Ring
Seiyū Nana Mizuki
"Remember to buy something! Right now, I recommend buying something from our Spring Special!"
―Mana, Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

Mana (マナ, Mana) is the first character to meet Kyle. She and her father, Douglas, let him use their farm, and they sell him a hoe and a watering can for 100 gold. She is the one who explains how to take care of animals and how requests work. Mana is kind and quiet. She also has dreams of becoming a teacher as Kyle later finds out while doing her requests.

Douglas is extremely overprotective of her. She spends most of her time in the Pumpkin General Store and when she isn't spending any time there, she hangs out with her friends, Alicia and Cecilia. To marry her, you must finish all of her and Douglas' requests, after you finish all of Mana's. After this, if her Love Points and Friendship Points are at 10, you can then give her the engagement ring to propose.

In the second generation, she fulfills her dream of becoming a teacher by teaching the morning class where the second generation characters can learn about cooking, accessory, and medical recipes. She will also help Barrett in deciphering Earthscript, which is written on the Stone Tablets you will find while exploring the caves and dungeons in the game.


If you give Mana certain items, you might increase or decrease her love level to you. Sometimes, she will say what kind of items she really hates a lot and she likes a lot. '
Thank you! I love these!

Pink Turnip, 4-Leaf Clover, Prelude to Love,

Why are you giving this to me?

Fried Mackerel, Fruit

Ahh, I can't stand these! I can't even look at them!


First Generation Requests

Mana request

Mana's First Request

Main Article: Mana's Requests

"Please deliver an Emery Flower to Rosalind for me."

Come talk to me about it."

Reward: 100 G

Mana request 2

After giving the Emery Flower to Rosalind

Mana needs you to deliver an Emery Flower to Rosalind because she's too busy to do it herself. She will give you the Emery Flower and you'll need to deliver it to Rosalind by giving the flower to her. 

After giving it to her, talk to Mana and you can now finish the request.

During this first request, she will also say that if you happen to throw an item away accidentally, you can abandon the request then retake it. This is the easiest thing to do if a mistake is made.

"I want you to bring me a four leaf clover."

Reward: 200G

Speak to Mana to ask about the four leaf clover that she's requesting. Mana will ask you to bring her a four leaf clover from Blessia Island - Center.

On Blessia Island, the four leaf clover can be found near the plot of land at the island's center. Bring it back to Mana and speak to her to finish the request.

She will reward you with 200G and 100 logs. 

Second Generation

Mana Teacher

Mana as a Teacher

In the Second Generation of the game, Mana will continue her dream as a teacher even if Kyle marries her.

Mana will now be your Cooking and Accessories teacher. Mana also fixes any magic rune books you have, if you have the right missing page and the book is fixed in order.

Any stone tablet that you show to Barrett will be deciphered by Mana.

If Kyle marries her, the routine will be also the same. She will just go to your house after the morning classes.

Second Generation Requests





  • Mana shares the same birthday as Leon from Rune Factory 4.

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