Spell Book RF1
Inside Kardia Library and while exploring dungeons, the protagonist will have the opportunity's to find and use lots of spell's book.
Name Icon In Game Description Cost RP How to Unlock
Escape Escape Escape from dungeons. - 0 Enter Carmite Cave
Teleport Teleport Return home. 2000g 0 -
Medication Restores health and status. 3000g 6 Carmite Cave
Fireball Fireball Fireball A fire cantrip. 3200g 4 Carmite Cave
Cure 5300g 5 Toros Cave
Water Laser 6200g 5 Toros Cave
Crimson Fire 7700g 11 Clemens Cave
Inferno 8100g 12 Clemens Cave
Stone Spike 7000g 5 Mt. Giant
Swordstorm 10200g 6 Mt. Giant
Life Absorber 13600g 9 Misty Bloom Cave
Explosion 18600g 10 Kasmir Ruins
Quake 19000g 17 Kasmir Ruins
Storm 21400g 13 Danann Cave
Meteor 21900g 15 Danaan Cave