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Birthday Summer 3rd
Birthday Gift Mixed Juice
Family Barrett (father), Dorothy (mother), Byron (paternal grandfather), Gordon (maternal grandfather), Cammy (aunt),
Seiyū Ai Bandou

Leonel (リーン, Rean) is a bachelor in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon.

He is Barrett and Dorothy's son, as well as Mayor Byron's grandson. Many people find it ironic that he looks very feminine, considering who his father is. He is also often mistaken for a girl, which really bothers him. Despite this, he's very sweet and kind. He also enjoys cooking, and will often tell the main character that he really likes Mana's classes.


Something I promised Roy

A Request From: Leonel
I promised Roy I'd let him borrow something. Could you give it to him for me?
Talking to Leonel, he asks Aria/Aaron to do a favour for him. He wants him/her to give Roy giant's gloves. He promised to let Roy borrow them, but he forgot. He gives the gloves to him/her.

After receiving the gloves, Roy says that he completely forgot about them. he asks that he/she thank Leonel for him.

Leonel is happy and rewards Aaron/Aria with a toyherb seed.

Help Me Out a Little

A Request From: Leonel
I'm not so great with fish, but I'm pretty sure this is no good. Can you help me?

Leonel tells Aaron/Aria that there's a particular fish that he really doesn't like to eat,
but he was thinking he should get over his dislike of it. He asks Aaron/Aria to catch him a sardine. They can be found on Blessia Island.

Aaron/Aria brings Leonel what he asked for. Leonel is still uneasy about eating it, but Aaron/Aria says that he/she believes in him. He says that he'll try and rewards him/her with cake.


I love these! Thanks!


I like to eat these! Thanks!

Chocolate Cake

What? I can have it? Thanks!

Trash, Sardine, Sardine Sashimi, Dried Sardines, Sardine Sashimi, Hot Chocolate, Steamed Cake, Pound Cake, Cake, Chocolate Cookie, Chocolate, Pudding, Pumpkin Pudding,


Ughh... Um, I don't really want that...


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