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Birthday Varies
Family Raguna (Father)
Lucia (ルシア, Rushia) is the son of Raguna. He takes after Raguna, so his appearance won't change no matter who Raguna marries. He has the choice of having a girl, a boy, or leaving it up to fate. He will go through three stages: crawling, walking, and being fully grown. At the final stage, he will be able to walk around with Raguna and will cheer him on during festivals. Once he's at his final stage, Raguna will be able to purchase a book from Selphy that allows him to make toys for him.

How to Unlock Them

30-35 days after you have married your wife, she will become pregnant (provided that you obtain the Children's Bed from Lute, it's available on most Holidays and costs 20,000G). The child will be born within two months, or sixty days, after they have been conceived.


If you married Eunice:

If you married Lara:

  • Wesley (not in game, grandfather)

If you married Bianca:

If you married Tabatha:

If you married Cinnamon:

If you married Rosetta:

  • Jean (grandfather, not in game)


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