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"A man with a silver tongue who enjoys talking in circles, if only to confuse others and amuse himself. Though his mannerisms work to keep those around him at arm's length, he is a dedicated friend and only teases out of affection. With everything in life, including the things he eats, he enjoys a little bit of risk."
―Official Website Description[1]

Leon (レオン Leon) is an eligible bachelor in Rune Factory 4. He's the second bachelor to have a monster form, which you must defeat in order to date him and to continue on with the game's plot. He is light-hearted and prone to making fun of serious people, but in actuality cares deeply about others. Leon's monster form originally hailed from the tower-like temple dungeon known as Leon Karnak, which is situated far West from where Selphia is.

Before becoming a guardian, Leon was a dragon priest to Ventuswill. When traversing the Forest of Beginnings at Leon Karnak, it is revealed that Leon chose to sacrifice himself both for his duties and to save Ventuswill as a friend.

After being brought to town, Leon moves in with Xiao Pai and Lin Fa. Although Leon finds the antics of both the mother and the daughter amusing and quickly takes to teasing them, he becomes fairly close to them. However, he sees them more as friends than as family members. Leon can also be seen fishing during most mornings near the pond in Selphia's residential area.

Leon possesses the most traits of his monster form compared to any other guardian. He has fox ears, a fox tail, and runic patterns etching his face.


Favorite Gifts: Salted R. Trout, Grilled Lamp Squid

Likes: Grilled Fish, Fish, Pom-pom Grass, Poison Powder, Blue Lamp Grass, Lamp Squid, Lamp Squid Sashimi, Poison Trout, Poison Trout Sashimi, Charm Blue, Big Charm Blue

Dislikes: Milk and anything else that contains milk


  • "I especially like hard-headed people. It's funny to see their reaction when you tease them."
  • "Hahaha!"
  • "Fall's just around the corner. "
  • "So... There's a festival tomorrow. "
  • "What a mood-lifter!"
  • "Ah... Are you sure I can have this?"
  • "Good, you know what? No. Let's go with 'bad night' instead."
  • "My swimsuit is actually the foxes from the temple, transformed into cloth. If you don't believe me, you can try feeding them after I take them off. And if you do believe me, I'll ridicule you and your descendants to the seventh generation."
  • "You're mine, all right?!" (when dating him and poking him on the cheek.)
  • "Numbskull"


Level Health Attack
22 2950 358
Defence Magic Attack Magic Defence
32 150 24
Strength Vitality Intelligence
112 48 150
Default Weapon Halberd
Weapon Type Spear

Spell Upgrading

Leon can upgrade spells for you once he has been rescued. It should be noted that musical spells (that allow your party members to perform at higher levels) and weapon skills (that allow you to perform a special move based on your current weapon) will BE ACCEPTED AS A GIFT, as Leon cannot upgrade those. Also, you must have the item in your bag for him to upgrade the spell - this is not treated as a quest, but more of an exchange where the upgrade is performed on the spot or not at all. The costs for upgrading spells to each level are as follows (with the base as level 1):

Level Item requested
1 [Spell base]
2 500G
3 3000G
4 Sapphire
5 Platinum
6 Orichalcum
7 Turnip's Miracle
8 Dragonic Stone
9 Rune Crystal
10 Small crystals (?)


Monster Leon
  • Artwork of Leon Karnak
  • Reverse marriage proposal cut scene
  • Opening song appearance
  • First meeting cut scene


  • Leon shares the dislike for milk and foods with Collette from Rune Factory 3, who is actually "lactose insufficient." In Leon's case, he claims milk is too bland for his liking.
  • Leon is the oldest bachelor in Rune Factory 4.
  • Leon shares the same birthday as Mana from Rune Factory 2.
  • Leon has the same voice actor as James from Rune Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny.
  • During the Buddy Battle, Leon's team is the strongest the protagonist faces.
  • Leon will upgrade magic scrolls for money, gems and rare items, depending on the level of the scroll. However, he will not upgrade rune abilities.
  • The two foxes with Leon at Leon Karnak are named Uno and Sano.
  • Leon was a dragon priest.
  • Of all the bachelors and bachelorettes, Leon is the only one not to be listed in the instructions booklet that comes with the game on the heroes/heroines pages. This is likely just an oversight, seeing how the spacing of the bios for each bachelor and bachelorette would have required Leon to be on a completely new page.
  • Nicknames the female protagonist can call him after the confession event are Darling, Leo, Mr. Leon, Leo-Leo and Sir Leon. Nicknames he offers to call you are Love, You, Li'l <Name>, My Lady and Princess <Name>.