First sentence, when you start a conversation

Good morning, Aaron/Aria.


Hello, Aaron/Aria. How are you?

Kyle's back

I heard that your dad came back.
That's great news, Aaron/Aria!
I'm so happy for you...

first/second daily talk

More :

Just between us... Leonel might be a boy, but I think a pleated skirt would suit him. Don't you think that's just the most wonderful thing?


I made a charm to ward off bad weather. We don't want it to rain for the Flower Festival tomorrow! __________________________

(Flower Festival) Cammy loves to run up and down and all over the place until she gets totally covered in mud. She really looks like she's having fun!


The cherry blossoms that bloom in Alvarna look even more beautiful when hit by the rays of the spring sun. The Flower Festival gives everyone a change to see them in all their glory! Please come take part. __________________________

Well done, Aria! Congratulations on defeating the giant, dangerous monster that made Blessia Island its domain! I'd love to hear the story of your battle, when you have time.


I put a picture book that I drew myself in among the books in the library. But it's buried among so many books... I doubt anyone will ever find it.


Have you heard of PIZZA? I really love it! I've heard they have all sorts of PIZZA in a town in Norad! I'm quite jealous, I must admit.


As a joke, someone drew a picture on the blackboard of me and Orland sitting in a tree. I was so embarrassed, I rubbed it off right away! I'm good friends with Orland, and I talk to him all the time, but I think maybe people have the wrong idea...


Watch out if you are in the library, Aria!


Roy and Cammy are the oldest in our class. Not that I ever really think about it.


The Eating Contest. Why don't you give it a try, Aria?

De Sainte-Coquille Manor 2F
A winter's snowy holidays
  • The first talk may depend on the encounter area, and the time of the day.
  • The second talk may depend on season, or today weather.

1. My father gave me this treasure chest,

depicting the countryside in the
suburb around the empire.
From the look of this picture, that country is not much different from here
in Alvarna, rich and refreshing.

2. I love to see the town of Alvarna

covered in snow.

Festivals (Aria)

Leann: Cammy loves to run up and down all over the place until she gets totally covered in mud. Lamria
Leann: She really looks like she's having fun! LamriaHappy
Leann: The cherry blossoms that bloom in Alvarna look even more beautiful when hit by the rays of the spring sun. Lamria
Leann: The Flower Festival gives everyone a chance to see them in all their glory! LamriaHappy
Leann: Please come take part. LamriaHappy

Leann's gift for Aaron/Aria Birthday

or Happy winter Friday afternoon

When you first learn something in school

you may feel that its pointless, that it will never do you any good.

Indeed, at times the lessons

themselves may feel like a chore, like you can't fake any more.

But this... This learning vital for

our future!

What is the future?
That is when, having finally come of

age, we will arrive at a point in which we shall have to make a decision on our own, via our own determination.

Those who can greet such a future are

what we call adults.

So an adult is a person with the skills

required to make decisions for themselves, and to take the responsibility for those decisions.

What is this skill, then?
What else but the foundation laid by our

learning here at school.

Just as a house without supports cannot

exist, an adult without a solid foundation cannot exist either.

Have solid foundation and be able to

apply them...

This may sound like the most natural

obvious of statements, but it is actually pretty hard to fully understand it.

That is what I have learned from studying here in school with you,


And Sera, Serena, Orland, Leann, Cammy and Roy. I Think we are very lucky,

very happy children!

Your father built this school

didn't he, Aaron/Aria?

I want to thank him...

And indeed, thank you from the bottom of my hearth! So... thank you!

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