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A Favor

Requirements: Love at level 1

Found at: Owl at Univir Settlement

Description: We are almost out of fish. Could someone help me?

Objective:Catch the following fish from each season and give them to Kuruna.

Reward: 3 Water Crystal

Move here

Found at: Owl at Univir Settlement

Description: Would you like to live with us? We will make a place for you. Please think about it

Objective: Talk to Kuruna

Reward: Secret Shoes, PK-AV Scope

Desert tour

Found at: Owl at Univir Settlement

Description: Please come see me. I will show you how wonderful the desert is.

Objective:Travel to the Sol Terrano : Star Dunes (Eye Catcher of Sol Terrano located west of entrance) with Kuruna.

Reward: Recovery Potion, Extended Mag


Found at: Owl in Univir Settlement

Description: Could someone... come see me?

Objective:Cook Kuruna Roasted Yam. (She will give you the recipe if you do not have it.)

Reward: 3 Cooking Bread+

Escort Me

Requirements: Love Lv 5 and after Unity Festival

Found at: Mailbox

Description: I want to say hello. Would you come with me?

Objective: Talk to Wells with Kuruna then head back to the Univir Settlement.

Reward: Silver Staff

Go with me


Requirements: Love Lv 7 and after Unity Festival

Found at: Mailbox

Description: Um, could you make me a chocolate cookie?

Objective: Make Kuruna a Chocolate Cookie (recipe will be given by Kuruna)

Reward: Proof of Wisdom

Strange Lately

Take a walk

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