Always has his nose in a book. Very gullible and prone to gossip, but even when he's been tricked he's all smiles. Loves his sister, Forte, and often entrusts her with secrets. Well, at least he tries. Everyone else knows the same secret by the end of the day.
Birthday Winter 2
Family Forte (older sister)
Wife Lunches Chocolate cake, Seafood doria, Gyoza, Butter Roll, Boiled pumpkin
Seiyū Hiro Shimono
Voice Actor Benjamin Diskin
Monster Spoiler Spoiler Warning: The following may contain important spoilers about characters or parts in the story.

"A boy who spends all his time studying, hoping one day that his amassed knowledge may be a boon to the townsfolk. Curious about everything and is prone to gossip, though this often gets him into trouble."
―Official Website Description[1]

Kiel (キール Keel) is an eligible bachelor in Rune Factory 4. He is Forte's younger brother. Kiel is a young man and is very fond of books. All he wants is to be needed, which is why he studies so much, even at his age. Even though he is very intelligent, he is also very naive. He can be talkative, honest and kind to a fault. He is often prone to spreading the word of anything he hears even if they are just rumors.


Favorite Gifts:

"Oh! This is _______. People say that it's really hard to find. What? It's for me? Thank you very much!"

Chocolate Cake, Boss items, Stew, Ice Cream


I smell something sweet!... And it is something sweet! Yay! Sweets have the power to make anybody happy. And right now, I'm very happy.






N/A Level Health Attack
1 57 5
Defence Magic Attack Magic Defence
1 15 1
Strength Vitality Intelligence
5 3 15
Default Weapon Steel Sword
Weapon Type Short Sword


  • "So, what's up today?"
  • "Are you alright? Not tired?"
  • "I can feel my face turning red."


Studious, Naive, Kind, Curious, Intelligent, and Caring. These traits define him well.

Kiel is close to Vishnal and Leon as friends, even aspiring to be like Leon, much to Forte's chagrin.



  • He shares the same birthday as Dorothy from Rune Factory 2.
  • Nicknames the female protagonist can call him after the confession event are Honey, Sugar, My Lady.



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