The Kasmir Ruins make up the sixth dungeon of Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon. To obtain access to this dungeon, the player must till a hundred squares of land in Misty Bloom Cave and speak to Godwin.

Once inside, you will come across a door which seals off the path forward, it is required to grow a crop in this are to progress, there seems to be no requirement, however, to grow a crop in all the fields in this room. It is highly recommended to use radishes for this purpose, as they ar a fast growing spring crop, and this is a spring cave.

Season: Spring


Map kasimir




Drop Item
Area 2 Dark Slime Earth Crystal; Wind Crystal; Fire Crystal
Area 3 (X2) Gigantus Giant Gloves; Leather Gloves
Area 7 Heracros Rigid Horn; Vital Gummi; Flare Element
Area 8 Packun Box Amethyst; Ruby; Sapphire
Monster Box Broken Box; Aquamarine; Emerald
Area 9 Dark Slime Earth Crystal; Wind Crystal; Fire Crystal
Area 11 (X2) Hell Spider Earth Crystal; Pretty String
Shindra Water Crystal; Aqua Element; Aqua Sword
Area 13 Monster Box Broken Box; Aquamarine; Emerald
Fairy Water Crystal; Fairy Powder; Aqua Element


Location Fish
Area 5 Gibelio; Cherry Salmon; Glitter Snapper

Boss Monster

Boss: Golum

  • There is a miniboss Golum in Area 4.


  • Sharron will stand outside of the ruins every day except Wednesday, on which she will venture into the ruins.
  • Tabatha will stand on one of the lily pads outside the ruins on weekends from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
  • This is the first dungeon in the game to contain a miniboss.

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