Mail box

2 Come with me

There’s somewhere I want to go…

Unlock: 2 FP
Location: Mailbox
Objective: Find Evelyn and escort her to Karina.
Reward: Nothing

4 Take me somewhere

I’ll give you more details when you come see me.

Location: Mailbox
Unlock: 4 FP
Objective: Escort Karina to Privera: The Eye. On the way, show her how to mine ore and give her an Apple.
Reward: 100 gold

5 I want a cold

I really want something. Could you come see me?

Location: Mailbox
Unlock: 5 FP
Objective: Take Karina to the Witch's Cauldron to find out how to catch a cold. Give Marian a Yellow Grass, Purple Grass, Grape, and Rice. Micah and Karina will both catch a cold.
Reward: Leek Seed x9, Cold Medicine

6 Gather up!


Location: Mailbox
Unlock: 6 FP
Objective: Karina wants to sell some unusual products at the store. Take her to the Diamond General Store to get permission. Pick up a Spare Scrap Metal from Raven for Karina to sell. Next, promote the shop's new line by talking to people until Micah decides he's done enough. Return to the store during the shop's hours to see how Karina's venture turned out.
Reward: Greenifier x3

7 Help me...

I really want something. Could you come see me?

Location: Mailbox
Unlock: 7 FP
Condition: Finish Hazel/Requests Town helper 2
Objective: Karina would ask you to visit the following locations withing an game's hour. First visit the Clinic, then the flower shop and the Weapon store. See : Sharance
Reward: Brand Glasses

8 Lets talk

It just happened recently...

Location: Mailbox
Unlock: 8 FP
Objective: This request have tree parts. First talk to Raven (RF3) and Sofia, inside the grocery store, then go to Oddward Valley and complete by taking a rest at your house.
Reward: None

9 I have an errand

Please come see me.

Location: Mailbox
Unlock: 9 FP
Objective: Go to Privera Forest with Karina.
Reward: None, or a step forward in your relationship.

Bulletin Board

1 Bring me…

I need a delivery…

Unlock: 1 FP
Location: Bulletin Board
Objective: Pick up a Strange Pendant from Sofia and bring it to Karina.
Reward: 10 gold

3 I need to talk

I want you to tell me something.

Location: Bulletin Board
Unlock: 3 FP
Objective: Tell Karina about Privera Forest. If Micah tells her that Oranges or Grapes grow there, she'll ask him to bring her one. If he tells her that he likes to fish there, she'll ask him for a Masu Trout, and if he tells her that he likes to eat stuff off the ground, she'll request a Mushroom.
Reward: Depending on your responses, you can receive a Charm, a Chocolate, Turnip Seeds x9, or possibly nothing.