First Generation

Lost and Found


Julia :

Can you bring this HOLY BOOK to Gordon for me? I can't believe he would forget something so important. He's kind of a blockhead, isn't he?

Kyle :

Yeah, you would think his scriptures would be really important to him. And, I mean, it's pretty think and heavy and all. Could he really forget something like that?

Julia :

I know! I can't believe it. Anyway, I'm sorry to trouble you, but would give this to him for me?

{crossing his way...}

Kyle :

I'm here to deliver this. Julia found it at her bathhouse.

Gordon :

Hey, that's my book of scriptures! I didn't even notice I'd lost it! Ba ha ha ha!

Kyle :

You didn't notice? I thought that would be important to you.

Gordon :

Of course, it's important to me. But the book itself isn't what is important. Just knowing the scriptures isn't everything. What matters is to believe in them and to truly live by them. You'd do well to learn that, Kyle.

Kyle :

I'll try to remember that.

Gordon :

Does it sound like I'm just making up an excuse for misplacing the book? Ba ha ha ha! Thank you for bringing it back to me. Be sure give Julia my thanks!

More Lost and Found

Reward : Toyherb Seed

Julia :

Tanya left a sword in the bath.

She was actually trying to demonstrate a sword fighting technique in the bath! She terrified all my other customers!

You're a great guy, Kyle.

Kyle :

Hm? Did you say something just now?

Julia :

Huh, oh, no! Don't mind me at all. See you later, Kyle.

{Talking to Tanya...}

Tanya :

I'm sorry. The more precious something is to me,the easier it seems to be to forget where I left it!

Kyle :

Still I think a sword would be pretty hard to forget…

Tanya :

Well, you see… It was a long day, and I'd had a couple of drinks…

Julia :

It's the seed of an herb that I really like.. If you plant it, maybe you can give a little of it to me!

New and Improved Soap

Reward : Fruit Sandwich + 100 Wood
Answer = "It feels nice."

I Just Need a Break Sometimes

Reward : Formula A

A Tough Job

Reward: Pickles

Something I've Noticed

I Made a Little Mistake

I'd Like to Talk to You

Bathhouse in Crisis! Help Me!

Come Talk to Me

Second Generation

I'm Out of Bath Oils

Reward: 400 G

Give Some Potatoes to Rosalind

Reward: 500 G

For Beauty's Sake!!!

Reward: 3000 G