Jake Main
Birthday Summer 23
Birthday Gift Platinum
Family Egan (father)
Orland (son)
Rival Marriage Cecilia
Rival Marriage Date Summer 14th, Year 2
"I'm half-elf. Do you have a problem with that, human?"
―Jake, Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

Jake (ジェイク, Jake) is a character in Rune Factory 2: A Fantasy Harvest Moon

He is the human-elf hybrid suitor of Cecilia. He lives at the Inn with his father Egan, but spends most of his time at the Sharper Edge Blacksmith where he works. On special event days/holidays, he can be found at the dungeon crossroads outside town, unless he's competing. Even though he is half-human, he has a deep hatred of pure humans, which includes everyone in the town other than Egan and Cecilia.

Jake is initially hostile to the main character, though he warms up a bit if he's befriended. He's your rival for Cecilia in the game.

Jake likes Bull Horn, Onion, and Spinach, and he hates Milk. His birthday is Summer 23, and the special item for that day is Platinum. You can buy some from Yue in the First Generation, and the Second Generation there's a small chance you can find some while mining.

In the second generation, Jake is the father of Orland (with Cecilia if you don't marry her, and with Yue if you do).


What, do you think I care?

Hot Milk, Strawberry Milk,

What, you're giving this to me? I'll take it. I'm grateful, I suppose.


You're giving this to me? You're a strange one, little human.

Trash, Spinach,

What is that unpleasant... Don't be ridiculous, human! I hate milk!

Small Milk, Medium Milk, Large Milk,

Second Generation

"You look well this morning, little human."

Unless Kyle married Cecilia, Jake will have married her. Otherwise, he will be married to Yue. Jake will have a son named Orland. He will still work at the blacksmith and will be less disrespectful of humans. He wants Orland to make friends.

Look here for Jake/Dialogue or Jake/Requests


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