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Noire and Iris
Birthday Winter 23rd
Constellation Scorpion (Iris Noire), Whale (Iris Blanche)
Wife Lunches Red Grass (Noire)
Seiyū Sakura Nogawa (White)
Rina Satou (Black)
Voice Actor Michelle Ruff

Iris (エリス, Elis) are bachelorettes in Rune Factory: Frontier.

They have the power to communicate with the Spirits through song. Though they first appear to be twins, later facts reveal that they were once one single person, but magic caused the single person to split into two separate people. - First Meeting:(White) Plant and grow Moondrop Flowers in front of her house at Whale Island - Fin. Once the flowers are grown, return to the plot of land to see White Iris’s cut scene - First Meeting:(Black) Snow Ruins B3F - Residence:(White) Whale Island - Tower of Rest - Residence:(Black) - Favorite Gift: Tomato Juice - Likes: Any Flower - Dislikes: Garlic - Other: Virtually the same people, only with a different appearance

Iris Blanche

Iris is the last of the vampire tribe. She is a mysterious girl who lives within a tower on Whale Island. Her other half is found much later on after further progress in the storyline. She sleeps during the day to stay out of the sun. Both Iris Blanche and Noire like the same exact things. Note: The earliest time the first cutscene with Iris can be triggered on is Spring 2 after 6pm. Just visit the Whale Island Fin and approach the staircase. While it can happen early, this can be triggered at any time.

Iris Noire

Iris Noire is a vampire, the same girl singing under the rock in town square. You can find her at B3 Snow Ruins. It is a good idea to be Level 50 before attempting to fight her. Iris Noire and Iris Blanche are the same person split in two.She loves tomato juice, likes flowers, and hates garlic. Iris's birthday is Winter 23rd. If you are up to at least 4 FP with Iris Blanche, you will not have to fight her.


Favorite Gift: Tomato Juice

Likes: Flowers

Hates: Garlic

*note* You may only marry one Iris.


  6am  - 6am  | Tower of Rest
  6am  - 5pm  | Sunshine Inn
  5pm  - 6pm  | Laga Springs
  6pm  - 3am  | Snowstyle Tavern
  3am  - 6am  | Sunshine Inn (Monday, Raining)
              | Lake Poli (Tuesday, Thursday)
              | St. Poli Church District (Wednesday)
              | South District (Friday)
              | Beach (Holiday)
  6am  - 6pm  | Sunshine Inn
  6pm  - 3am  | Snowstyle Tavern
  3am  - 6am  | Sunshine Inn
  6am  - 5pm  | Your House
  5pm  - 6pm  | Laga Springs
  6pm  - 12am | Snowstyle Tavern
  12am - 3am  | Your House
  3am  - 6am  | Your House (Monday, Raining)
              | Lake Poli (Tuesday, Thursday)
              | Church District (Wednesday)
              | South District (Friday)
              | Beach (Holiday)

  6am  - 6pm  | Your House
  6pm  - 3am  | Snowstyle Tavern
  3am  - 6am  | Your House
  - While Iris Blanche is in the Tower of Rest all day, you may only
    talk to her between 6pm-5am.
  - After you rescue Iris Noire from the Snow Ruins, she moves in with
    Iris Blanche in the Tower of Rest.
  - Once they are reunited, they travel everywhere together.
  - During SUMMER and only when both Iris's have moved to Trampoli, they 
    can be found at the beach from 3pm-6pm on Wednesday/Friday/Holidays.
  - During FESTIVAL days and only when both Iris's have moved to Trampoli, 
    they can be found in the Business District from 6pm-3am.




Date Triggered


Prerequisites and Item(s)

The girl who loves flowers. Spring 18 Go to the tower of rest first after 6pm to set off a small scene where you see Iris watering plants then talk to Rosetta until she mentions moondrops in the moonlight. Plant Moondrop seeds in the plot in front of the tower and water them for 4 days. Approach this area after 6pm to trigger an animated cutscene. Note that although Rosetta will sell you the Moondrop Seeds when Materia opens on Spring 14, she will not tell you the "Moondrop Legend" until Spring 15, so to see Iris as early as Spring 18 you need to plant on the 14th but also talk to Rosetta on or after the 15th. Moondrop Seeds
Garlic... N/A If you give either Iris a piece of garlic she will faint and you will get a scene. This can be seen multiple times. This might also lower her LP or FP. Garlic (give to either Iris)
A Visitor Spring 26

Talk to Mist on sunny days after approx Spring 23 until she mentions a strange seed - or just stop by her place between 10AM-Noon while she's outside watering. Dream. The next day, go to the tower after 6PM and trigger a cutscene where a man leaves the tower, unlocking the gate to the flank. Note that having higher FP/LP with Mist (like from the Turnip Constellation event) might help.

Spring 26 is earliest verified date. To make this date you must plant on the 14th, have high enough friendship with Mist to get the flower event and also order up a Sunny Week wonder starting approx Spring 23.
Oh no! Blood! N/A Enter Iris' tower after your LP with her are 4+ and you'll trigger a cutscene. (Note that you maybe also must have less than full health). It is not a pre-condition that you've seen the giant rune. This must be done before you trigger "The Manipulated Girl". LP at 4+ and you may also need to have less than half health.
The Manipulated Girl N/A Go through the locked door at Snow Ruins B3F to trigger a cutscene and two animated cutscenes. What happens afterwards will depend on your LP with Iris Blanche. Note: Mist will disappear for a time after this. Must have seen the giant rune to trigger this.


  • Vampires can enter the minds of people whose blood they've tasted; if Iris Blanche tastes Raguna's blood, she later stops Iris Noire from attacking him by speaking through his mouth.
  • It doesn't matter whether Raguna battles Iris Noire or not; you still get the Iris Noir charging Raguna scene and the two Irises hugging.
  • If the player has triggered the event "Oh no! Blood!" listed above, the fight against Iris Noire is skipped.
  • Iris Blanche likes to paint.
  • Iris Blanche's and Iris Noire's eyes are the opposite of each other's; Blanche has the red eye on the left side while Noire has it on the right.
  • In Rune Factory 4, character commentary on a fan art of Raguna paired with Iris Blanche has Blanche's name as Iris and oddly has Blanche refer to Iris Noire as "Black Ellis".


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