Herman De Sainte-Coquille
Birthday Winter 10
Birthday Gift Curry Rice
Family Max (Son)
Rosalind (Daughter)
Leann (Granddaughter)

Herman (ヘリチャコス・レムナンド・ヴィヴィアージュ, Helichacos Remunando Viviaajyu) is the head of De Sainte-Coquille family and is a rich, gluttonous man who usually talks about eating and food that he enjoys.

He is the father of Rosalind and Max in Rune Factory 2. He officiates all of the special events, and can be found inside De Sainte-Coquille manor most of the time in the first generation. On event days, he stands in de Sainte-Coquille park.Rosalind mentioned that Herman has a company.

In the second generation, he is the grandfather of Leann and Sera and Serena, if Kyle didn't marry Rosalind. He still spends his mornings in the manor, but goes out sometimes and can often be found in the manor's dining hall (below the staircase) with Egan and Byron.


Isn't this...a PINEAPPLE JUICE??? Are you giving this to me? Thaaaaank you!

Pineapple Juice,

Ooooh, <name>, what in the worrrrld should I do with this?

Trash, Tomato Juice, Vegetable Juice,



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